Saturday 30 April 2016

A bumper week for Star Wars Force Attax Extra cards #CollectExtra @MyTopps

You may remember last week, I told you (here) all about the latest card collection to be released by Topps - Star Wars Force Attax Extra - and all the bonus free cards that are on offer in weekly instalments up until the 16th May, in partnership with MRG Stores (Martin’s, McColl’s and RS McColl’s). As I mentioned, there were vouchers published in The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday for even more free cards last week, so our collection is coming along nicely.

Pierre was most excited to discover the collector binder - they're available free at MRG Stores while stocks last, so get in quick if you haven't already !

He liked looking at all those empty spaces so full of promise, waiting to be filled up with his new collector cards.

I suppose this must be how an artist feels when he gets a blank canvas in front of him, imagining it filling up with pictures and colours !

Then we were off ! Week 1 offered the chance to pick up a free sheet of four Force Attax Extra cards containing two exclusive cards and two regular cards from the Force Attax Extra collection, along with the aforementioned collector binder. I always love C-3PO so I was excited to get him, but the kids informed me that you weren't supposed to look at the characters themselves but their scores. Oops !

The voucher in The Mail on Sunday gave our collection an instant boost with an extra sheet of cards, including two more of my personal faves - Hans Solo and R2-D2.

The next two days had more vouchers for even more cards. Eek ! Those Stormtroopers always give me the creeps !

And finally (for now)  the next week's free cards (from 26th April), with the cuddly (but probably quite stinky, I would imagine !) Chewbacca, which is who I say Sophie looks like when she pulls her long, thick hair over the top of her head and across her face (which she does surprisingly often, for some strange reason !!). A new week, and another free sheet will be available from Tuesday 3rd May from any of the 3 stores: McColl’s, Martin’s, RS McColl.

Don't forget, if you haven't entered already, there is also a fantastic free prize draw to win a family ticket to Madame Tussaud’s in London, including transport, one night's accommodation and entry to the exciting Star Wars exhibition, as well as a fun packed Star Wars goody bag plus an exclusive Topps trading card signed by one of the Star Wars cast. To win, head over to and enter your details anytime during the promotion period which runs from 19th April to 16th May.

Have you been collecting the cards? Who is your favourite character from the Star Wars Force Attax Extra collection?

Disclosure : Topps are sending us some goodies to help grow our collection.

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