Saturday 23 April 2016

Vicky is a (back) cover star for this month's Pawsomebox ! (review)

This month's Pawsomebox has arrived and once again, it's a lovely mix of toys and doggie foodie treats with a practical item thrown in for good measure. There's a rubber chicken, a rope toy (much bigger than the one in last month's box which was more puppy-sized) and a Garfield-themed boomerang which will be just as much fun for the kids as the dogs. In terms of tasty treats, there is a chewy lollipop, a pack of Chicken Fillet snacks and a bag of Fish & Cheese Mini Bites, which sounded like a strange combination but the dogs devoured them with enthusiasm ! The practical item in this month's box was Biospotix by Biogance, a a preventive solution that acts against parasites. Formulated from essential oils, it not only works against harmful parasites that threaten your dog’s coat, but also acts against their eggs and prevents their reproduction.

As usual, Pierre enthusiastically wafted the toys around under Vicky and Didou's noses, trying to encourage them to play with them, but they gave him a look that was the canine equivalent of a teenage eyeroll, sighed and went back to sleep - they're so lazy ! The Madhouse grandparents' dogs, Dieser and Brodie, are much more excited about toys though so we passed them on.

Brodie always has great fun with rope toys and loves chewing them and throwing them around the room all by himself when there's nobody else around to play with him ! This one is fairly resistant, although he's a bit of a destructive machine when it comes to chomping his way through dog toys !

His favourite was the squeaky rubber chicken though which he had an absolute ball with ! 

Now, the final item in the Pawsomebox is something that I usually forget to mention - the Paw Notes magazine, which gives you more information about the brands and products in the box, as well as a range of interesting articles about dogs and dog-owners.

It features lots of cute poochie pics, often sent in by subscribers.

This month's magazine has articles about what to do if you find an abandoned dog and getting rid of parasites.

As well as the profile of a volunteer photographer for an animal association and a closer look at one dog breed, the Australian shepherd.

The back page always features lots of excited doggies discovering the contents of their Pawsomeboxes and this month, we were delighted to spot Vicky (on the bottom row in the middle). I wonder if Didou or maybe Dieser or Brodie will be featured next time !

Each Pawsomebox contains 5 to 6 goodies that are specially selected to correspond to the size of your dog. The scheme costs from £14.90 per month (depending on the length of subscription you choose) and you can get a £5 discount off your first box with the code ukbcskkv. As I mentioned last month, in addition to treating your little fur ball, Pawsomebox (and Purrfectbox for cats) have dedicated themselves to giving to animal protection charities, so for every 2 boxes they deliver, £1 is given to a local animal organisation or association. If you click through to my pets section (or click on the pets tag at the bottom of the post), you'll see the contents of past boxes.

For more information, head over to the Pawsomebox website

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Love this idea, Eddie would be over the moon to get toys. The magazine looks interesting as well. I was reading something similar about abandoned dogs the other day and apparetly black dogs and cats find it really difficult to get rehomed.

  2. Well done to Vicky! And lol at the doggies doing a teenage eye-roll at Pierre.

  3. lovely to see the little doggie enjoying the box of goodies so much in the box too a nice selection too,


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