Monday 18 April 2016

Madhouse diaries : Angry Birds and Happy Kids

Last week, as it was the school holidays, we went to visit the local science museum and planetarium which meant a fairly long bus ride in a direction that we don't often head in. On the way, we passed by a play area that made the Madhouse kids squeal in delight because it was Angry Birds-themed. Needless to say, the next day we headed back to have a play.

The main attraction was the big net swing, because it's the only one in our local area - there aren't many swings in general. It all seems to be climbing frames and slides these days so there are always long queues for the swings when we do find some.

It wasn't until I got home that I realised that the net swing made fantastic Spiderman-esque shadows on the ground. It looks just like Pierre is caught in a humungous spider's web in this one !

It's a clever bit of brand/character placement  because the play equipment is basically the same as elsewhere but with Angry Birds characters dotted about.

You could pretend to drive the dynamite truck.

Or bounce about on a pig.

When we arrived, it was pretty much deserted but half an hour later, it was totally packed so we decided to change parks.

The big attraction in the other park, which we visit quite frequently, is a huge net climbing frame. Pierre wore my gloves because he was getting rope burns !

While Juliette spent most of her time swinging upside down !

The funny thing looking back at these photos is that we started off in coats ...

Moved on to jumpers ...

And finished off in T-shirts !

Juliette spent a lot of her time sitting on top of a big shiny metal ball.

Pierre was getting frsutrated though because, try as he might, with longer and longer run-ups, he just couldn't manage to reach the top. Juliette jumped in as fab big sister and helped pull him up to the top and stop him sliding off !

There's nothing like a lovely sunny day and a few hours in the fresh air to make us hanker after warm sunny days. Only a few months to go until school's out for the summer !

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Net swings are quite popular here, and you can see them in most play areas locally these days. My guys absolutely love them. I bet Eddie would be as happy as your kids to get in the Angry Birds-themed playground.

    1. They almost wanted to get off the bus there and then and ditch the science museum !! lol

  2. We have a lot more net swings appearing, they are so I was told, designed for disabled children who cannot sit in a normal swing. Have to say I love the spiderman picture, the shadow is great. How nice of big sis to help him up on top.
    ps. no caches in the area? lol

    1. Aha great minds think alike - I did check but no, there weren't any ! That makes sense for the swings - it's great that several kids can have a go at the same time too so there's less waiting for their turn.

  3. Looks like a fun day! Love the spiderman shadow, genius!

  4. What a clever idea for a play area, I'm sure if there was one here my kids would want a go too. Lovely to see the sunshine for the holidays I hope this science museum was as much fun as the park. thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. The science museum was fun - we learnt a lot about the planets, fossils and meteorites, which the kids were interested in - but I must admit, I prefer being outside ! :)

  5. Looks fab, we went to the Angry birds play park at Lightwater Valley, great fun!

  6. Fab pictures! What a cool little park. It looks like the weather was on your side, hooray! I love the Spiderman esque picture. It's such a brilliant capture with the shadows. Parks are such a perfect way to break up the day aren't they? Thank you so much for sharing this with Whatever The Weather xx

  7. That looks like a great little park, fantastic for Angry Birds fans and love the net on the other park too. That is a pretty cool shadow from the swing as well. Juliette is fantastic big sister for helping her brother out when he couldn't quite do it himself, I'm sure they will stay close as they get older. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x


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