Thursday 7 April 2016

Our Bear-y Scary Monster with Claws !

We received a very intriguing parcel from Bear Nibbles last week, which contained some packs of their new Claws snacks, alongside a rather odd assortment of fruit and veg. We spotted beetroot, celery, olives and cocktail sticks - hmm, what was that all in aid of? I looked at the enclosed Monster Mailing letter and suddenly it all made sense - they wanted us to create a BeetMonster !

We had a nibble on some of the Claws to get our creative juices flowing and discovered that they are absolutely delicious and surprisingly healthy. They are made of pure fruit and veg, mashed into funky monster shapes that the kids thought were great fun. I was surprised to learn that each pack is lower in natural sugars than half an apple. The flavour combinations sounded a bit weird and they contain 1/3 vegetables - strawberry & butternut, mango & carrot, apple, pear & pumpkin and blackcurrant & beetroot - but they taste lovely, so if you have fussy eaters, don't show them the packets until they've been won over by the flavours !

So, back to the BeetMonster ... here's our cheeky chappie. It's amazing how artistic you can get with a few veggies !

The Claws were great for the finishing touches too. I bet this is the only monster out there to contain all of your five-a-day !

RRP : £2.49 for 5 x 18g

for more information :

Disclosure : We received a fun Monster Mailing pack complete with Claws and ingredients to put together a BeetMonster.


  1. A great idea to get kids eating a little healthier!

  2. A very scary creation. I might try out Claws on the children.


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