Tuesday 5 April 2016

Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books review

As Book Buddies, we're always excited to see which books Parragon will have selected for us to review in our monthly package and this month, there was a great deal of excitement when we discovered these Disney Art Therapy Colouring Books, one featuring Disney Princesses and one featuring Frozen.

They target older children and even grown ups, who can enjoy colouring as a stress-busting activity, but Pierre and Juliette were so enthusiastic that I said they could have them. Sophie was a bit miffed though, showing that they really do appeal to all ages !

As they target a slightly older audience, you won't find portraits of the characters to colour in, but you will find symbols and patterns from the films - maybe elements of the decor or patterns from clothing.

The designs are frequently repetitive, which adds to the soothing, calming nature of the colouring. Don't worry about symmetry or not going over the edges, just grab your (or your kids') felt pens, crayons or pencils and take a step back into childhood, letting your mind zone out and your troubles fade away while you create a rainbow masterpiece.

It's also a lovely activity for spending some quality time with the kids, working together on the same picture.

The kids often like using colouring apps on their ipads, but I think it's much nicer to get back to basics with a real colouring book. Not only does it help practise fine motor skills, it also means that you get a pretty picture to put up on your bedroom wall.

Parragon had another little surprise up their sleeves for us too - a lovely Easter-themed crafts activity from their  brand new ‘Make it By the Book’ crafts book.

All you need is the template and instructions, which you can download on the Parragon blog, along with two sheets of coloured or patterned paper, a sheet of tracing paper and a piece of corrugated card.

We had great fun and Pierre was very impressed with our finished bunny !

Disclosure : We received the books in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I have not tried colouring in for a while now. But the kids love to. All I know is that I could not share a colouring-in page!! It would just bug me. How weird is that. These books look good.

  2. These look great. My daughter would love the Frozen one :)


  3. I am intrigued by this latest colouring in craze, maybe I should try it! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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