Tuesday 26 April 2016

Great news for messy play - Persil gets more ecological and economical !

I've always loved Persil's ‘Dirt is Good’campaign, encouraging mums (and dads) to let kids be kids and not worry about getting dirty because they'll deal with all the stains, from grass and felt tips to finger paint and occasionally blood. Grazed knees, muddy trousers bottoms and blackberry stained T-shirts are all an inevitable part of a happy childhood in my opinion and luckily, from experience, Persil do indeed manage to get it all clean. I do seem to spend a large proportion of my days off tackling the washing pile though, so I was very pleased to learn that Persil have given their packaging an overhaul and added extra capsules for the same price.

The newly designed Persil Mono Capsules pouches contain 70% less plastic than the boxes so they're lighter on the carbon footprint as well as the pocket. They are available in 12, 22 and 38 packs with the 12 and 22 pack containing two extra capsules and the 38 pack containing three extra capsules, to power even more messy play.

That means we can have a little bit of this ...

and a little bit of that ...

and even a little bit of the other in each pack !

What are your favourite messy play activities with your kids?

RRP’s :
Persil Mono Capsules (12w): £4.31 pp**
Persil Mono Capsules (22w): £8.32 pp**
Persil Mono Capsules (38w): £9.99 pp**

*Compared to previous 20 washes tubs

Disclosure : Persil will be sending us some of their capsules in order to fuel our messy play !

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