Sunday 24 April 2016

So what was in the April Degustabox? (review)

We've been receiving Degustaboxes for quite a few months now, but whenever the email lands in my inbox inviting us to follow the journey of our delivery driver as he makes his way to the Madhouse, we still all get just as excited as the very first time. There's always lots of jostling to get that first glimpse of what's in the box, with the kids hoping to spot their favourite biscuit, sweet and crisp brands lurking inside ! Well, this month was just the way we like it - some well loved brands and a few total unknowns.

Here's what was in this month's box :

Popchips Sea Salt, Garlic & Rosemary (£1.99) - We already knew and love Popchips - they're popped, not baked or fried, so they're a healthier, lower fat choice - but we'd never tried this flavour. They're very nice, perfect for nibbling on in front of the telly or serving as an accompaniment to summer barbecues, but they haven't got quite as much oomph as our favourite BBQ flavoured ones.

Smarties Sharing Block (£1.29)  - Cue big squeals from the kids ! It's a big bar of chocolate studded with mini Smarties - what's not to like ?!

Milky Bar Milk & Crunchy (£1) - Four kid-sized bars of creamy Milky Bar chocolate (yum - a taste of childhood that I haven't eaten for years !) with a crunchy centre. We loved the fun cow-shaped bars as much as the taste. Good price too so I'll definitely be buying these again. 

Canderel Sugarly Sweetener (£3) - Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar but has zero calories - win-win ! It can be used in all the ways you'd use sugar - in hot drinks, sprinkled over cereal, in baking, ... Great if you're watching your calorie intake.

Levi Roots Jerk Coat & Cook Sauce (£1) - Big bold flavours that don't even need time to marinate, just pour them over your meat (chicken, ribs or fish are suggested) and cook. We got Jerk but you can also find Ginger Beer or Smokey BBQ. Very nice, very vibrant but wow, a bit on the hot side for us ! Make sure you add a cooling side dish like tomato salad or mango salsa to cool things down !

Veetee Basmati Rice / Veetee Wholegrain + Quinoa Rice (£1.49/£1.29) - I love these microwavable packs for when I need food on the table in a hurry. The Basmati rice is a regular go-to, so I knew that would be popular. Although I know it's a healthy choice, I'm really not fond of quinoa, so I wasn't sure what we'd think of that one. Well, it's better mixed in with rice but I still prefer the Basmati !

Bebeto Fruit Strings (£1.99) - These taste like sweets but they're made with fruit juice - just don't tell the kids ! The 7 day pack is great for lunch boxes and they were hugely popular with the whole family.

Parle G / Parle Rusk (25p/89p) - I'd never heard of this brand before last month's Degustabox but I'll definitely have to look out to see what else they have on offer, because we've loved all of their products so far. Parle G is apparently the best selling biscuit in the world ! Filled with the goodness of milk and wheat and very tasty too. I was unsure of the Rusk to begin with because the name reminded me of Farley's Baby Rusks and I remember how bland they were! It's a much more refined and grown up version though, enriched with cardamom, which is lovely with a hot drink.

Thor Dry Apple Spritz (2 x £1.80) - A new range of premium sparkling apple drinks that I'd never heard of. They're made with less sugar for a drier, crisper taste. We got Apple and Mint but there's also Ginger. I love dry ciders so these are a nice non-alcoholic alternative. Definitely a grown-up flavour that won't appeal to kids, but that's great news for me ! 

Rejuvenation Water (£1.99) - Derbyshire spring water enriched with amino acids, specifically designed to deal with the rigours of modern life by helping to boost the immune system and build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety. Well, I don't know if it does all that but it was perfect for keeping on my desk at work to sip throughout the day. It is a pricey option though, compared to other soft drinks.

Green Lady Sparkling Tea (£1.99) - The only thing in the box that I didn't fancy trying, but maybe that's because I'm not a tea-lover. The blurb promises "a calming and entertaining alternative to alcohol" and "healthy drinking with style". It's in the fridge, waiting for someone a bit more adventurous to give it a try !

I've missed the recipe suggestions on the past couple of info sheets so I was pleased to see they've made their comeback, this time offering inspiration for a Teriyaki Rice Bowl . There is also a callout for feedback on the Canderel Sugarly, giving you the chance to receive your next box for free if you send in a short video on the survey available on 7th May.

A subscription to Degustabox costs £12.99 per month including delivery, with each box having a value of much more than that, but the great news is, I have a discount coupon code for you which gives you a whopping £6 off the price of your box - just enter code BLDEG15 at the checkout - making it great value and a fab way to discover new products.

for more information :

Also now on Instagram @DegustaboxUK 

Disclosure : We received the box in order to write an honest review.

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