Thursday 21 April 2016

Pizza-making fun with Napolina

Napolina recently invited us to take part in a fun family foodie challenge, creating some funny face pizzas. I didn't even need to ask the Madhouse kids what they thought because I knew it was right up their street ! We received a bundle of Napolina products to help us on our way, including pizza bases, pizza sauce, olive oil and olives. 

I put everything on the table and told the kids to let their imaginations run wild. After a rummage in the fridge, they had the choice of cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, sweetcorn, grated cheese, cheese strings, hot dog sausages, ham, red pepper, green pepper, onions, ... I always love to see them selecting lots of their 5-a-day as pizza toppings, even when they have the choice ! Pierre tried to imitate my world-famous (well OK, Madhouse-famous !) mouse pizza, using cheese strings as whiskers. 

Juliette went for a white pizza and ditched the tomato sauce in favour of cheese spread - well, why not ?!. She went for mushroom eyes and big hot dog sausage lips and it must have been tasty because she'd started nibbling it before I got to take a photo !

Sophie declared that she was too old to eat happy face pizzas but still had great fun piling her pizza base high with tomato sauce, red peppers, sweetcorn, chunks of cheddar, grated cheese, hot dog sausages and goodness knows what else that might be lurking under there !

They only took a matter of minutes to prepare, cook and eat so they're ideal for a busy night after work. We also decided that the mini pizza bases would be ideal for kids' parties, because you could make the pizzas together as a fun activity before getting everyone sitting down calmly and quietly (in theory !) to eat them.

Big smiles all round, both on the plates and faces !

Disclosure : Napolina sent us a selection of products to make funny face pizzas.

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