Saturday 2 April 2016

An Easter Feast from Bahlsen ! (review)

Despite having just received their Easter eggs, the Madhouse kids let out an audible squeal of delight when they discovered the fabulous selection of chocolatey treats that Bahlsen had sent through for us to devour review. We've tried both Choco Leibniz and Pick-Ups in the past and love both of them, but we were unaware that there are quite so many different variants available.

The classic Milk Chocolate Pick Up often finds it way into our shopping trolley. It doesn't sound that amazing on paper - you get two fairly plain Rich Tea-type biscuits with creamy milk chocolate in the middle - but what makes it so indulgent is that you get a thick slab of real chocolate rather than the fake chocolate-flavoured paste that often passes as a filling for biscuits. As well as the classic version, we got to try out Dark Chocolate, Choco & Caramel (my favourite) and Black 'n' White, the kids' new favourite because it is like two Oreo biscuits sandwiched together with white chocolate. Very tasty and very moreish ! 

The Choco Leibniz range is equally chocolatey - in fact, it says "more chocolate than a biscuit" on the packaging because the thick coating covers the whole surface area with an extra chocolatey margin around the edge. Tastewise, they remind us of the Pick Ups because they are just as indulgent but they come in a sharing pack, rather than the individually wrapped Pick Ups which are ideal for packed lunches and snacks on the go. We'd already been won over by the White (white chocolate covering a dark cocoa biscuit) and Milk chocolate varieties, but having now tried the Dark, Caramel and Orange ones, I think I have a new favourite - orange. Totally chocotastic and the flavour reminds me slightly of Terry's Chocolate Orange, which I only ever treat myself to at Christmas so it seems extra special.

Bahlsen Biscuits are the leader of biscuits in Germany and if you're a bit of a chocaholic, they're bound to be top of your leaderboard too. You might want to hide them out of the way of the kids though or they won't hang around for long !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : Pick Up - £1.69 for 140g (5 pack); Choco Leibniz - £1.79 for 125g

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. We tried these too and my girls also squealed with delight! They are delicious!

  2. Have not tried Choco & Caramel sounds yummy

  3. Have not tried Choco & Caramel sounds yummy


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