Saturday 9 April 2016

Kids' recipe : Bogie Bites aka Snotcorn !

Earlier in the week, I shared our review of a new educational but above all fun magazine for kids called Amazing ! (Make sure you head over to read it if you haven't already because you also have the chance to win one of ten copies.) The latest issue focuses on the human body and Pierre was delighted to discover the rather gruesom recipe idea for Bogie Bites using popcorn, which we renamed Snotcorn !

It's a simple enough recipe - just melt butter, sugar and marshmallows until they go all gooey.

Add green food colouring and popcorn.

And mix until it resembles bogies !

Pierre was very impressed and intrigued by the stringy, sticky, gooey texture.

It all looks decidedly gross, which is the whole point ! It tastes lovely though, although it is very sweet. 

And Pierre loved the whole idea of eating bogies !


  1. Urgh!! That is gross - but I've got to try it on the kids!

    1. It is very gross, which is why they loved it so much ! lol

  2. ewwwwwwwww gross! but I guess that's what kids love lol


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