Tuesday 19 July 2016

Kids' app review : Bing Baking

Today has been the hottest day of the year - the temperatures soared to 36° according to the weather station on our patio, phew ! - so it was just too hot to go out. Luckily I had some new apps to keep Pierre busy, including Bing Baking, which is the first ever app in a new series to be released by Acamar Films and Aardman based on the award-winning children’s television series.

Young players can help Bing and Flop rustle up some tasty treats in their kitchen through a series of baking activities. You really get the sense of actively engaging with Bing and Flop and working as part of their team, which is very appealing to little fans. 

You can roll out your virtual dough with a rolling pin or squish it with your hands, adding extra dough from the bowl if necessary. Next, you choose which biscuit cutter you want, then you tap on Flop so that she will put your biscuits in the oven, but it's down to you to keep an eye on Chicky Timer to let Flop know when it’s time to take them out. Then comes the really creative part, decorating them with lots and lots of icing, sprinkles, chocolate drops and fruit - you can even use carrots, as they're Bing's favourite !

You can take a photo of Bing and Flop with your creations for posterity and finally eat your virtual biscuits with Bing – yum yum !

Bing is all about celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of everyday life when you’re a pre-schooler, which includes the little things that can go wrong. As Bing’s companion and carer Flop says: “Never mind Bing, it’s no big thing!” so if you burn your biscuits in the app, it doesn't matter - you can still have fun decorating them, even if you might not want to eat them !

It's a lovely app with a positive message and some fairly realistic virtual baking - young children will have to think about getting the right thickness of dough, where to place the cutters and not leaving the biscuits in the oven for too long, all with encouragement from Bing and Flop of course. There's not a huge amount of content so I'm not sure how much staying power it will have, but for now Pierre is quite content to keep making and decorating biscuits (and even burning some of them on purpose because it's funny !).

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.99

Disclosure : We received a review code.


  1. Waaayyyyyy to hot. Have shared this with daughter as I am sure the twins would like it

    1. Definitely cooler than making real biscuits in this heat !

  2. Sounds amazing for creative fun and learning


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