Sunday 17 July 2016

Madhouse diaries : The second week of the holidays

As I mentioned last week, I've decided to keep track of what we got up during the "dead weeks" of the holiday while Madhouse Daddy is still at work and we're not gallivanting around visiting relatives and jetting off to sunny climes. I always feel like we don't do much but, looking back at the photos, there's always loads going on.

Monday was errands day - I had to go into town and pay off the rest of the holiday, drop some paperwork off at the bank and sort out health insurance. *Yawn* Meanwhile, the kids were having fun with the kites they made at the Sailing Tour de France village.

On Tuesday, Sophie headed off to a local theme park called Plopsaland with her friend. (You can find out all about it over on her blog, Sophie's Bilingual World.) I took the kids to a big clothes shop and bought an entire summer wardrobe for Pierre and Juliette ! Luckily, it was already cheap in the sales and they had a buy 2, get 1 free offer on top of that. We ended up in a nearby park, where the kids played on the swings and had fun with the table football game, while I browsed through some recipe magazines at the "reading in the park" library that they'd set up for the summer.

On Wednesday, I had more errands to run, going to the post office then sorting out the canteen and before/after-school club for Pierre next year. After eating real ice creams at the park the day before, we made ice cream cupcakes with a kit we'd picked up at a discount store. No going out today as it was rainy and stormy.

Thursday was Bastille Day and the start of a long weekend for Madhouse Daddy. We headed out to a little medieval-themed village fête.

Then on the way home we popped into a big sports shop and bought a new big-boy bike for Pierre's birthday.

On Friday, we went back to the clothes shop for Sophie because she missed out last time we went, then I went geocaching with Juliette. We also had a look around the animal enclosures at the Ferme Vernaelde.

On Saturday we went for a meal at Buffalo Grill for Pierre's birthday (a day early) then it was each to their own. Afterwards Sophie and Juliette went into town and to the beach with Sophie's friend and Pierre came out geocaching with me to try and find a couple of travel bugs. We failed but we finished off at goat park so it wasn't a total wash-out.


  1. You have been busy, loving those owls at the fete

  2. Looks like an eventful busy week, lots to see and do.


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