Thursday 14 July 2016

We made Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

While browsing in a local discount store recently (where Sophie was delighted to come across some life-sized One Direction cardboard cutouts for mere pennies !), we found an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake Kit which sounded fun. Inside the box was a bag of chocolate cake mix, a bag of icing sugar, some sprinkles and six stand-up ice cream cones. The kids love these after discovering them at the hotel in Kusadasi last year where you could fill them up with Nutella or jam to take back to your table at breakfast-time.

Pierre is a total pro when it comes to this kind of kit now. You just needed to add a little water to the chocolate cake mix and stir it up, then pour it into the ice cream cones.

I'd never have dreamed of using ice cream cones for cupcakes because I would have thought they'd burn in the oven but they withstood the heat perfectly so I'll definitely have to have a think about other things to make with them.

After twenty minutes in the oven and about as long again to cool, they just needed a swirl of buttercream icing and some sprinkles to complete the illusion.

Pierre was very pleased with the results.

And apparently they tasted very nice too ! It was the perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon during the holidays.

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