Thursday 21 July 2016

Madhouse diaries : Juliette's got her smile back !

For the last ten months, Juliette has had braces on her teeth and she felt quite self-conscious about it so she developed a new way of smiling with her mouth closed.

Well, today was the day we had her final orthodontal appointment and had them suckers taken off ! For old time's sake, I convinced her to give me a big toothy grin just before having them removed this morning, and she hasn't stopped flashing her new gnashers ever since. It's great to see her with her 1000 watt smile back !

To celebrate, after a quick visit to Claire's (you can now get 10 items in the sales for €5 so you can't really go wrong - Juliette stocked up on earrings and scrunchies), we headed off to - you've guessed it - a park ! It was still very hot so we all opted for a slushie to cool down as soon as we arrived.

Followed by a bottle of water because we were still thirsty. Amazingly they shared nicely with no squabbling !

Then they ran off to the brand new play area and I didn't see them for the rest of the afternoon. Can you spot them both?

I managed to convince them to stand still long enough to grab a quick photo each.

Then it was time for a quick heat-busting ice cream before heading for home. I think Pierre got more on his face than in his mouth ! Juliette's toothy grin was still firmly in place though !


  1. Braces did a great job
    Beautiful straight teeth

    1. We were amazed at how quickly they did their job - great to see her properly smiling again ! :)

  2. Gorgeous smile! The braces did a great job. Fab new play area too, though that tube slide is not for the claustrophobic people.

    1. I said to them both, go and have fun but I will NOT be climbing up there to rescue you if you get stuck !! lol


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