Sunday 24 July 2016

Madhouse diaries : The third week of the holidays

This ended up being another week of errands - so much for lazing around with nothing to do ! On Monday morning, we took the dogs to the vets to get their annual rabies jabs and got their nails cut. In the afternoon, we went out to a new park with a zip wire. It was a blazing hot day but luckily there was a stall selling cold drinks and ice lollies - phew.

On Tuesday morning, I had a load of paperwork to take to the bank and in the afternoon, I stayed in with Pierre to beat the heat. He had lots of fun with the dressing up box and a fake guitar !

 Meanwhile Sophie and Juliette headed into town with sweets and balloons to hand out to join in with a Youtuber's call for a #LoveArmy to do nice things to make people happy in the wake of the Nice terrorist attack. You can find out all about it over on Sophie's blog.

On Wednesday, we had the roofers in to replace some cracked tiles so we had to stay in. The kids had a good crafting session with Pom Pom Wow.

While I finally found the time to make a belated homemade birthday cake for Pierre ! It's a delicious gooey Swedish chocolate cake called a kladdkaka and I'll definitely be making this again. The recipe is right this way if you're tempted !

On Thursday, Juliette had her braces off in the morning, then we went to goat park so she could discover the new play area that they've installed.

On Friday we all went to lunch at a little restaurant with some friends then the kids dragged me to the shops for some holiday "essentials" like new flip-flops. I finally bought some chewing gum, as promised to Juliette because she hasn't been able to eat it with her braces, and Pierre was delighted to find a pair of fake glasses that only cost pennies. Strange child, he's always wanted glasses because he's the only one (apart from me) who doesn't need them so he feels left out !

On Saturday, we had a quiet day - after a trip to McDonald's, Pierre and Madhouse Daddy had their holiday heat-busting haircuts. Hair today, gone tomorrow !

This was our final "dead week" of the holidays. Madhouse Daddy has one day left at work on Monday then we can let the good times roll !

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