Monday 25 July 2016

Heinz help us #AddALittleMagic to our summer barbecues

I had a very special surprise delivery from Heinz a couple of weeks ago which was perfect for welcoming in the summer. They sent through a fabulous selection of their "essential sauces for the summer", which they have named as sweet chilli, tomato ketchup, barbecue, salad cream and peri peri, along with some tasty-sounding recipes to try them out.

But that was not all. I also received some personalised BBQ utensils with my name written all over them. Move over Madhouse Daddy, there's a new BBQ Queen in town !

 Oh, OK, Madhouse Daddy does such a fabulous job of grilling the meat that I'll leave that to him - I'm sure it's something about fire and raw meat that brings out his caveman instincts ! - but I'm looking forward to trying out the sauces in various salads and marinades. Heinz provided some inspiration for new ways of using them.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup needs no introduction - it goes with just about everything, from burgers and bangers to everything in between. We love it in toasted cheese sandwiches and the kids mix it into mash to make it go pink ! Heinz suggest using it in BBQ Ribs with Homemade Coleslaw.

Heinz Peri Peri Sauce was a new one for us. It's great for turning up the heat on chicken or pork, adding a spicy kick with refreshing citrus notes. Peri Peri Chicken Wings are the perfect way to showcase the tongue-tingling flavour.

Heinz Classic BBQ Sauce can be used in dips and marinades, slathered over steak, chicken breasts, thighs or wings. You might also like to try some recipes that we made : Ultimate BBQ Baked Beans, BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza (great way for using up leftover cooked chicken after a barbecue or roast dinner) and Marinated Chicken Wings.

Heinz Sweet Chilli Sauce is the definitive dipper, be it with prawns, chicken or even chips !

I've also discovered that homemade burgers are so simple to make - just mix together some minced beef and a finely diced onion - and you can jazz them up no end by adding a squeeze of your favourite sauce into the mix before throwing them onto the grill or into the frying pan. BBQ and Peri Peri sauce work particularly well.

What are your favourite BBQ recipes and marinades? I'm always on the lookout for new salad accompaniments too, as my go-to coleslaw, tuna potato salad and tomato salad recipes are starting to get boring !

Disclosure : We received a surprise gift from Heinz to #AddALittleMagic to our summer barbecues.

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