Friday 29 July 2016

When it's SoHot, grab yourselves a Soho ! (review)

Pheweee, it's turned into a bit of a scorcher lately ! While kids are happy to strip off to their underwear and run through the lawn sprinkler or throw water bombs at each other to beat the heat, discerning adults need a slightly more sophisticated way of cooling down. A refreshing cocktail or mocktail always hits the spot when temperatures are soaring. Just hearing the sound of ice cubes clinking gently together and seeing droplets of condensation running down the side of the glass are enough to have you feeling chilled in moments.

The Soho Juice Co have launched  a new and innovative addition to the soft drink mixer market for 2016 which is perfect for seekers of summertime refreshment who want something a bit different. The Soho has been especially designed as the perfect cocktail accompaniment, as well as a standalone fruit juice soft drink, and is a deliciously different blend of cucumber, mint, lemon and lime juice. I was initially a bit dubious about having cucumber as an ingredient but it is a very refreshing, summery flavour, similar to melon, that is really brought alive by the mint and citrus top-notes. As has been pointed out to me by friends, the idea of adding cucumber to summer cocktails has already been adopted by anyone who loves Pimms, so Soho is a great way to ring the changes and give your summertime refreshments a vibrant, fresh overhaul.

Drunk on its own, with ice and a slice (of lemon, lime or cucumber, whatever you prefer), it's a sophisticated alternative to the usual soft drinks, that will be a welcome relief to designated drivers, pregnant women or non-drinkers who are fed up of sharing the kids' coke or opting for overly sweet fruit juices ! Where it really comes into its own, though, is as a tasty cocktail ingredient that will have your tastebuds tingling. 

You might like to try a Soho Foam, which is made with white rum and Soho mixed with lemon juice, honey and egg whites, shaken not stirred with a dash of bitter and topped with a leaf of fresh mint. It sounds very sophisticated and looks cool - I could see James Bond sipping on this ! -  but I don't think I could bring myself to drink raw egg whites, even if it is one of the personal favourite cocktails of the creators of the Soho Juice Co.

Much more up my street is the Ruby Highball - a blend of raspberry liqueur and gin, poured over crushed ice and topped with The Soho, then garnished with fresh berries, mint leaves and a slice of lemon.

The Soho Martini is another possibility and is made with gin, dry vermouth and a splash of Soho,

Or you could give an old classic a bit of a makeover with a Soho Margarita - a blend of tequila and Soho served in a salt-rimmed glass.

As I was feeling hot and thirsty, I decided I wanted a long drink so I mixed a bottle of strawberry and raspberry cider with a dash of limoncello and a glug of The Soho, adding a slice of cucumber to the rim. It was very nice and very refreshing and the Soho and limoncello cut through the sweetness of the cider.

What's your favourite summertime tipple ?

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Disclosure : We received a Soho Juice Co cocktail kit to optimise our summer refreshment !

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