Friday 22 July 2016

Summer Survival Kit, courtesy of Ambre Solaire

Hooray, hooray, it's the holi-holidays, sing a summer song as you skip along, holi-holidays ! School is finally out for the summer and we've already been having lots of outdoor adventures, including laying on grassy banks in clover meadows ...

...  paddling in the sea and even going for a proper dunk with swimming costumes on ...

... going out geocaching to discover some unknown corners of our local area ...

... and getting to grips with the big boy bike that Pierre got for his birthday.

We've discovered several new parks, drunk numerous slushies and eaten innumerable ice lollies. 

The kids have clambered over, swung on, slid down and climbed up anything that didn't move !

But some days, it got just a bit too hot to be comfortable. I didn't think about taking a picture of our weather station at the hottest part of the day but Juliette said she saw 36.6° at one point - eeek ! I've been making sure the kids keep their liquid intake up, which means plying them with water but also ice poles, ice lollies, smoothies, watermelon and mocktails. They're not allowed out if they haven't got a hat on their heads and I'm delighted to see that they have had it ingrained in them so much that they put sun cream on all by themselves without me even asking before heading out of the door. 

Garnier sent us through a very welcome summer survival kit, including water pistols, a funky beach bag and some of their new Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy Kids range. They have two fabulous new products that are ideal for packing in your holiday suitcase for use at the pool and beach, Wet Skin Lotion and Anti-sand Spray. Even as a grown up, I hate the feel of gritty sand sticking to my suncream as I rub it into my body or, even worse, face and all three of the Madhouse kids complain about it feeling horrible when I top up their sun protection at the beach, so the concept of a sand-repelling, quick drying, non sticky and non greasy protective mist is an absolute godsend for parents planning a beach holiday or day trips to the coast. The Wet Skin Lotion removes another holiday headache - usually I have to grumble at the Madhouse kids to get them to come out of the pool to reapply sun cream, then fiddle around with towels, drying them off so that it doesn't dilute the product or make it run off their skin, then bribe them to wait around for the recommended fifteen minutes for it to absorb fully before allowing them to jump back in the pool, by which time they are usually sulking or having a full-on strop ! The Wet Skin Lotion has been adapted to give even coverage when applied on wet or dry skin. These are definitely both going in our suitcase when we head off to Lanzarote this summer !

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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