Sunday 31 July 2016

Cool Cardz Scratcheez review

We first discovered Cool Cardz all the way back in 2011 when Sophie (complete with posh party frock and Santa hat !) reviewed the Hello Kitty Card Design Studio - click through to see that original review (and have a giggle at how young Sophie looks !). Kids' crazes come and go so the current Cool Cardz range includes Shopkins and Frozen themed sets, as well as the Cool Cardz Scratcheez set that we received.

The design studio, which is used to create the cards but also doubles up as a handy storage unit for all the bits and bobs, is made in the shape of a Boho Chic handbag. Inside the box, you also get 20 laminates, 20 cards, 2 sparkling ring stampers, 2 Boho Chic themed sticker sheets, 1 Colour Scratch Off Stickers sheet, 1 Message Scratch Off Stickers sheet, 48 gems, 1 felt pen, 1 scratching tool and the instructions.

The design studio laminator is very simple to use, once you've had a play and worked out how much force you need to use and which order you need to do things in. After decorating both sides of the card, you place it into the laminating gadget and roll over the slider to seal it between the adhesive plastic sheets.

We've also discovered that you can quite successfully make the cards without even using the laminating device, if you're in a rush or if you're sharing and don't want to wait for your turn !

The design studio includes lots of different ways to jazz up your cards, including a felt-tip pen (but you can also use your own if you want more colours), stampers, jewels and stickers. Some of the stickers are extra special because, as the product name suggests, they are pattern-reveal scratcheez stickers which can be scratched off with the tool to create a rainbow pattern or message of your choice. There are also special secret stickers that you can use to hide a secret message for your friend to scratch off and reveal.

You can use the design studio to create VIP Passes for your friends (or, as Juliette decided, siblings, so that they are only allowed into your room when you decide to pass them out - they do love each other really !), secret club cards, party invites or special keepsake messages for friends, relatives or teachers. Juliette has also made decorative cards to put on her wall and uses one as a bookmark. Once you've used up all your cards, you can buy extra card/laminate refill packs without having to buy a whole new set.

Cool Cardz is part of the Cool Create brand, which offers many other fun products (including some that we have reviewed - click through to see what we thought) such as Mr Frosty Crunchy Ice Maker, The Chocolate Bar Maker and new Cut It Out coming soon. Creative fans can also join the Cool Create Club which offers the chance to show off your creations and win prizes.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £19.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I've not heard of these before
    Look brilliant for bespoke card making

  2. It was a present for a 7 year old girl I bought one similar for my granddaughter and she loved it.


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