Friday 19 November 2010

Bravado Bliss Nursing bra

Awww it's the end of an era - this will probably be my last ever breastfeeding accessories review and, even if I can pat myself on the back for breastfeeding for a total of 30 months, it still makes me feel nostalgic and a little bit sad it's all over now. But Pierre's growing up fast and the time has come to hang up my nursing bra. Although now that I've discovered Bravado maternity bras with their great support and beautiful designs, I think I may well continue wearing them even when the breastfeeding is over !

I always thought that Bravado was an absolutely brilliant name for a bra company but now that I've seen their newest creation, the Bliss bra, I think they should change their name to Bravo ! I've reviewed several other nursing bras from Bravado and I've loved all of them. The Bliss bra is no exception.

It's billed as "the perfect T-shirt bra" and I totally understand where they're coming from. The silky seamless material and padded foam bonnets hide a multitude of "sins", from nursing pads to sticky-outy nipples (you have to be a breastfeeding mum, past or present, to know what I mean !). Even under thin clingy tops, the bra leaves a perfectly smooth finish. No more need to hide away under a baggy cardigan to spare your blushes ! Even the nursing clips, which allow easy access to the whole breast area for simple feeding, lie completely flat.

Now, I have to admit, whenever I take a Bravado bra out of the box, I always shake my head and groan and think it's totally the wrong size. As usual, when I unfolded the Bliss bra, I thought to myself that it was huge and I'd never manage to fill it - then I tried it on and it moulded perfectly to my forms, hugging in all the right places without squeezing or digging in !

Most nursing bras don't have underwiring because there are concerns about it restricting the milk ducts (although Bravado have produced a fabulous underwired nursing bra too !) but the Bliss has a cunning soft and flexible alternative which offers surprisingly good support while remaining totally comfortable. As Bravado explain, "The Bliss Nursing Bra has our proprietary Flexi-Fit support channel - a flexible under-breast support channel that offers remarkable shape and lift while maintaining comfort and good breast health". It's actually rare to find a nursing bra that gives such good lift - make the most of those pumped-up boobies while you've still got them !!

I love the fact that it's so sexy and sensual while remaining functional and baby/breastfeeding-friendly. It's great to be able to feel 100% woman again at a time when looking good probably isn't high up on your list of priorities due to lack of time.

I also love the little add-on extra hooks-and-eyes in the box that enable you to add an extra inch or two to your bra size. It's the little added extras like this that show you how well they really understand the needs of breastfeeding mums and take all of the stress out of trying to guess your bra size when your boobs will be changing size at a daily or even hourly rate !

When I think back to the first nursing bras I ever bought a decade ago, which were functional but so ugly, it's fabulous to see how far the designs have come. Bravado don't just create great maternity bras, they help women reconcile their femininity with new motherhood and for that they deserve a medal !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : $54

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  1. I'm looking for decent nursing bras (that don't make me feel like a milking cow!) at the moment - if they do a black in this I might get it.

  2. I've reviewed quite a few nursing bras and I know some of them come in black, so have a good look through. They're really comfortable too :-)

  3. well done for feeding for so long! i breastfed both of my boys too, i loved these bra's, so comfy! x


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