Wednesday 31 August 2011

Biscuit Village review

When the opportunity came up to write a review for Biscuit Village, who make - as their website says - "natural handmade designer iced biscuits", I had a bit of a brainwave. Looking through the wide range of themed biscuits, with everything from flowers and animals to dinosaurs and DIY tools, I decided that it would look very cool indeed to get the baby boy tin and scatter the gorgeous creations across the table at Pierre's christening. When the beautifully presented and ribbon-wrapped tin arrived, it looked almost too good to open.

Inside, the sense of luxury and perfection continues,as you come across a pristine layer of coloured tissue paper, sealed with a "hand made" sticker. And underneath that, you have the selection of biscuits which are perfectly protected in individual sealed sachets with bubblewrap between each layer.

The biscuits look absolutely beautiful - sheer works of art that are almost too good to eat. The attention to detail is incredible and they have real wow-factor so for a special gift or occasion, such as a new baby, a wedding, a birthday or a new house, they'd make a really special gift.

Their "about us" page says that they are a family-run bakery with a passion for biscuits, and they go on to explain that : "Here at the Biscuit Village we do not compromise on quality. We have been perfecting our delicious recipe for many years and source quality fresh ingredients such as the organic honey and our free range whole eggs which are sourced from local farms . We use 100% butter and no nasty hydrogenated fats. We are passionate about our sugar craft and see our biscuits as an affordable indulgence to be enjoyed by all. Where we can, each biscuit is made with natural colouring to make for a healthier alternative for each design. We also use natural acid free inner packaging in all our products and individually wrap each biscuit to seal in the freshness."

I said that they were almost too good to eat, but it would be a shame not to as they do taste very nice too ! If you're now looking at these thinking "oooh I wonder if they do such and such", even more good news is that they do bespoke biccies too, so if you want something totally unique, they're the place to go.

They're more expensive than biscuits you'd buy in the supermarket, but they are culinary masterpieces, guaranteed to add a touch of pzazz to your party and dazzle everyone who sees them, let alone eats them !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.99 for a tin

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  1. They do look too good to eat! A bit expensive for my purse, but they would make a lovely gift for somebody!

  2. look nice but very expensive i think!

  3. Wow--Expensive! But maybe as a treat for a VERY special person.

  4. These biscuits although they look beautiful are foul. They arrived smelling and tasting of turps/petrol. When I asked for a replacement box I was told I couldn’t get one. Please don’t order these as they are a health hazard.

  5. Same experience! The biscuits were beautifully presented and iced beautifully but tasted strongly of petrol!! Not that I’ve ever tasted petrol but that is the only way I can describe the awful taste! They were bought for me as a present but sadly they will have to be thrown away as they are inedible!!

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