Tuesday 2 August 2011

method campaign : share a shower = save water + have fun !

I've reviewed so many of their products here on my blog that you can't have failed to notice that I love method - not just for their funkily-fragranced, eco-friendly household products and baby care range but also for their silly sense of humour.

Well, they've come up with another brainwave !

As they explain (so don't blame me for the lack of capital letters !!) : "we live on a rainy island. still, we all know that we should save water, just waiting for the hosepipe ban to come in any day now...

we’re getting good at turning off the taps when brushing our teeth. to take it a step further we came up with ‘share a shower’, combining the serious message of saving water with a bit of fun. to help spread the word we have made a cheeky facebook app that lets you share virtual showers on facebook. please like us and get sharing.

there's a £1 off voucher and the opportunity to win a year's worth of method cleaning goodies for everyone who shares a shower on facebook"

So what are you waiting for ? Get shower-sharing (in the virtual world at least - beyond that, it's your choice !)

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