Sunday 21 August 2011

Elastoplast launches Adventure 4 Kids! with TV adventurer Nick Baker - get involved and win !

This looks like a great initiative for the holidays, encouraging you and your kids to get and there and have some fun. For those of you who love entering competitions, you can even double up and recycle some of your photos for the Go Ape competition that I told you about here ! Good luck and tell us what you get up to !


85% of children crave more adventure in their lives!

Elastoplast launches Adventure 4 Kids! with TV adventurer Nick Baker to inspire families to get adventurous

“Having adventures and learning through experience is an essential part of childhood!” – Nick Baker

Research by family plaster brand, Elastoplast, reveals that 85% of children are longing for more adventure in their lives. The startling statistics highlight that half (52%) of children have never camped out in their back garden or taken part in any adventure sports. Parents are also feeling the pressure with 40% admitting they don’t have the time or money to arrange adventurous experiences for their children.

The Elastoplast research also reveals:

• 37% of kids have never, or hardly ever gone on a nature trail adventure

• 21% of kids have never or hardly ever play in a team with other children

• 41% of kids have never taken part in a scavenger hunt

• 44% of parents played outside as a child more often than their kids do – and they think they were much safer when they were kids

• 38% of parents admit they are more protective over their kids than their parents were

• 55% of parents believe their kids would be clueless if they were alone in the woods or wilderness and 63% believe their kids wouldn’t know what to do in a flood.

4 out of 5 parents agree that it’s crucial for their children to experience adventure. However, concern for their kid’s safety (55%), not having the skills and lacking the confidence (20%) to cope with new activities is holding parents back.

To support parents and inspire children, Elastoplast is launching a new campaign, Adventure 4 Kids!, with adventurer and TV wildlife presenter, Nick Baker. “Experiencing outdoor adventures cannot be underestimated. As a kid, I remember the excitement of getting outdoors and having my own mini adventures! From building my first tree house to staying up late to watch the stars – it’s these experiences that stay with you for life. Allowing children to experience risk in a controlled environment helps to develop their ability to face risks in the future and builds their confidence.”

Elastoplast is giving kids the opportunity to recreate their adventures and tell the stories behind their cuts and scrapes using an online interactive story-teller at Kids can create their very own story-boards by clicking and pasting plaster shapes chosen from a selection of creatures, people, plasters and backgrounds. The best story will win a luxury 5 star family holiday to Greece. For all the details and full terms and conditions please visit .

For the first 1000 stories submitted on the website, Elastoplast will donate £5 to children’s charity, Over The Wall (a charity which provides life-changing experiences and adventures for children with serious illnesses).

Also available to download and print off from the Elastoplast Stories website:

BECOME AN ADVENTURER pack for children - full of fun-filled activities to teach kids aged 6-10 about safety, decision-making, basic first aid and other essential life skills

KIDS’ LIFE SKILLS pack for parents gives expert advice from child psychologist Dr. Mandy Bryon from Great Ormond Street Hospital, along with practical activities to help parents teach their children essential life skills including independence, ingenuity and safety.

You can also watch this video featuring Nick Baker for some ideas on how to give your kids an adventure :

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