Monday 22 August 2011

Douwe Egberts New Refill Pack review

Our poor overworked postie dropped off a pack of Pure Gold coffee for us to enjoy from the lovely people at Douwe Egberts a while ago, in order to show off their fab new refill packs.

They proudly explain that each pack has at least 97% less packaging weight and offers better value than the glass jars. Inside, you get the same great coffee - the only thing that changes is the packaging.

I have to say, I do love the Douwe Egberts jars though, because they can be washed out and reused for an infinite number of uses.

Juliette uses one to keep her marbles in.

Sophie likes to use hers as a sweetie jar in her room, partly because she can see at a glance all the goodies inside and partly because her little brother and sister can't manage to get the lid off easily, giving her time to come and rescue her precious stash before they gobble them all up !

But they also make a pretty snazzy pencil pot too.

If you switch over to the pouches, you can re-use them for coffee though and be kinder to the environment which is not bad at all either !

Any other ideas ? What do you use your empty jars for ?

There are two variants in the Refills Range – Pure Gold (medium roast) and Pure Indulgence (dark roast), both made from a blend of the finest quality beans to give the coffee a well-balanced flavour.

The refill packs are available from ASDA and Morrisons stores nationwide, RSP £4.29

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  1. Juliette is a girl after my own heart. In my last job, I kept a marble on my desk all the time. So no matter what happened, I couldn't lose my marbles, I still had that one! (it came close, though!)

  2. I don't know why more grocery (and cleaning) items don't come in refill packs - why not a pouch of washing up liquid that we pour into the bottle for example. It's great to see manufacturers going the refill route.

  3. Just wanted to tell you that you have really adorable kids!

    1. Aww thanks - they look so young in these photos ! They're all grown up now !!


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