Wednesday 31 August 2011

Formalwear for Little People -

Back at the beginning of the summer, I was contacted by, who are - according to their website - the leading online formal wear store for men and boys of all ages. They asked if I had any formal events coming up for Pierre for which they could send us a tuxedo. Well, we didn't have any weddings to go to this summer for once, but there was a small matter of his christening and I thought it could look very cute if he came out looking like a mini James Bond !

After some very wriggly measuring which had Pierre giggling and saying "again, again" (yes, just like a Teletubby), I sent off his measurements and awaited the delivery man.

I was very impressed by the very smart suit protector bag that turned up, which looks just like a grown-up one but scaled down. Not only does it keep everything perfectly clean (even more important with tiny tots who would love nothing more than wiping their sticky, chocolatey fingers all over their new suit !), it has a handy bottom part which keeps all the other bits (bow tie, shirt, etc) together so that they don't get lost.

Inside there's a very smart pair of black trousers, whose pockets, seams and buttons show the attention to detail.

A dress shirt, bow tie (which comes in a choice of colours ranging from classic black to white and even hot pink !) and cummerbund to really complete the look.

And to finish off, the very smart jacket, with the same attention to detail and really solidly sewn seams. sells suits for grown ups as well as as teens and tots from age 2 (the smallest jacket fits a 20" chest and the smallest trousers are a size 18" waist) so if you want a "mini-me" look for a page boy at a wedding, or a special suit for a school prom, it's a great place to look. The fact that you can order online means you don't have to drag young kids around the shops, which is always appreciable, and if the size isn't right, they're happy to change it for you.

We did have this problem actually - the suit was too big for Pierre but, as he was basically the smallest size available, I wouldn't have been able to get a smaller one - but that's no problem. It's safely stashed away in his cupboard ready for him to wear next year at weddings, graduations, Christmas parties and anything else we get invited to. It's such a cute look that I can't wait to unleash it on doting grannies and aunties !

(In case you're wondering, this is what Pierre ended up wearing for his christening. Nowhere near as impressive as a mini-tuxedo but he's still a cutie. And don't worry about the blue lips - he's not oxygen-starved, he's been nibbling blue sugared almonds !)

But I digress ! Getting back to, I have to say, I was actually really impressed with the prices too. If you go for one of the packages, it all comes in at a very reasonable price, even in these time of credit crunch.

Even going back over a decade ago when I got married, I can remember the prices for bridesmaid dresses and page boy suits and they were a lot more than that. And, if you want to do some serious name-dropping, you might like to know that has been supplying suits for the last six years to a number of prestigious clients including the BBC, MTV, Lloyds TSB, Big Brother and the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. How cool is that ?!

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Bronze package from £20, Platinum package from £80

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  1. Looking as cute as in the picture, I have never heard of them before but going to have a good noy now hun, for my wedding. Thanks xxx

  2. this is so cute - love the wee suit protector, so sweet!

  3. Great site, it is quite hard to find formal clothes for little ones


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