Tuesday 16 August 2011

Jamaica Ginger Cake recipes courtesy of McVitie's and Rustie Lee

If you’re looking for a fun activity with the kids during the summer holidays, why not teach them how to cook? Making and baking can be a really enjoyable way to pass the time, plus you get the bonus of eating all the scrumptious food that you’ve prepared. Kids will love it and these sweet treats are a simple way to get them started in the kitchen.

Family favourite McVitie’s has teamed up with TV chef Rustie Lee (Remember her ? She's looking fabulous ! I'm pleased to see she still has that fabulous infectious laugh too - I keep expecting Timmy Mallett to pop up though !) to create a series of recipes that use Jamaica Ginger Cake as the key ingredient. What could be tastier than that?

Rustie’s Flute Glory is a fun, modern version of the traditional knickerbockerglory using Jamaica Ginger Cake to add warmth and spice. Children will love the fantastic flavours and it will transport you straight back to your youth – a winner all round. (We always used to have Jamaica Ginger Cake at my nan and grandad's every Sunday !)

Furthermore, it’s really easy to make, which means you and the children can have lots of fun preparing this glorious flute glory. And if you’re having friends for dinner, why not add a splash of rum to transform this in to a delicious dessert for adults.


2 Flute Glasses
1/2pkt Jamaica Ginger Cake
50g (2ozs) stem ginger chopped
4tbsp syrup from stem ginger
2tbs spiced rum (optional)
4fl.0z double cream whipped with vanilla & 1tbs sugar
150g (6ozs) vanilla ice cream


Take two slices of Jamaica Ginger Cake and cut into 12 little squares for each glass. Place six squares at the bottom of the glass and pour 2tbsp of ginger syrup over the cake.

Mix ¾ of the stem ginger into the ice cream. Scoop half of the ice cream mixture and place on top of the cake. Place another layer of cake on top of the Ice cream sprinkle with 1tbsp spiced rum (optional)

Place the whipped cream on top the cake. Decorate with some of the remaining chopped Ginger. Repeat for the other glass then serve straight away.

You can also see Rustie creating a fabulous Jamaica Ginger Cake trifle in the video below (or you can watch it on youtube at http://youtu.be/Dd_NUqBN3QQ )

You can see Rustie create other delicious recipes on Facebook, simply visit: Facebook.com/JamaicaGingerCake

For more information visit http://www.jamaicagingercake.com/

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