Monday 15 August 2011

Fab 32 hour online giveaway to mark today's launch of the LeapPad Explorer

Today sees the launch of the LeapPad Explorer, the world's first tablet device specifically designed for children aged four years plus. Imagine a kind of kid-friendly iPad and you'll have a rough idea of what it's all about. I'll be reviewing one of these little beauties in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime, don't miss out on the chance to win one of your very own every hour in a special online competition starting at midnight tonight. This is bound to be one of the must-have toys this Christmas so don't miss out on this fabulous giveaway.

Here's just a quick look at the key features to inspire you to stay up late into the night entering the competition !! :

Designed for little hands and big imaginations, LeapPad is now available for pre-sale at just £79.99. The revolutionary and durable tablet looks set to transform the way children play: as the leader in educational entertainment, LeapFrog has mixed the latest technology with an enhanced educational curriculum. Combined with entertaining characters to fuel children’s learning and development, this new device - which mirrors popular adult tablets - will be on every family’s wish list this year.

Key features:

· Largest-ever learning library at launch: LeapPad will be available with 100+ learning games, book apps, videos, and more, featuring kid’s favourite characters. Fully compatible with the existing Leapster Explorer library, the LeapPad offers great value for money

· Education: From spelling and maths to creativity, science, music, world languages and much more, children can take learning beyond the basics. Kids can also perfect their writing with the nifty child-sized stylus and step-by-step guidance. LeapPad even remembers a child’s progress from game to game and book to book to keep the content challenging and engaging whilst still allowing children to learn at their own pace

· Reading: Experience an entirely new way to read with LeapPad book apps – interactive cinematic book experiences designed to guide children through the story and develop a whole new love of reading. Children can touch the words to hear them spoken out loud and benefit from a visual dictionary to help build phonics, comprehension and vocabulary skills. With the microphone, children can record their own narration and show their parents what they have learned

· Creativity: The first tablet device comes with a complete suite of innovative creativity tools featuring a built-in camera, video recorder, microphone, art and photo studios. Kids can stretch, stamp or draw on their pictures to create personalised snapshots. And what’s more, LeapPad’s new Animation Studio also teaches children how to animate their beloved Disney characters

· Personalisation: The new Story Studio app offers kids the opportunity to create over 27,000 story combinations that feature them and their family. Best of all, LeapPad allows parents to instantly share their children’s masterpieces with their loved ones via email or Facebook

· Engagement: 5” brilliant colour touch screen with 480x272 resolution and motion-based play with a sensor, creating an interactive experience that puts kids in the middle of all the action with HD-like graphics

· Durability: Sleek and thin in its design, the LeapPad Explorer can also withstand rough play and is designed for little hands

· Memory: Built with 2GB of memory, LeapPad encourages learning on the go and inspires curious minds

Robert Dekker, Senior Marketing Director for LeapFrog EMEA and Australasia, commented: “We wanted LeapPad to offer kids the ability to create their own personalised experiences and have fun while learning at their own pace. LeapPad’s apps inspire kids to explore their inner creativity. Whether doodling on photos taken with the built-in camera, customising their artwork in the Story Studio, or bringing their favourite characters to life with the Animation Studio, there is truly something for every child.”

Read on for news of the giveaway ...



Fans play online for a chance to win a new LeapPad Explorer Every Hour

Today marks the launch of the highly anticipated LeapPad Explorer, created by pioneering educational toy brand LeapFrog. To celebrate the arrival of the world’s first tablet device built especially for children, LeapFrog will be running a global online event, in which fans will have the chance to win a LeapPad Explorer every hour for 32 hours!

From midnight on Monday 15th August, parents will have the chance to play LeapFrog’s interactive online game, hosted on a dedicated LeapPad Explorer microsite. Users who successfully complete the game will be notified on screen immediately if they have won. If unsuccessful, users can return to the site every hour to have another try.

Fans will also be in with a second chance to win if they share a link to the online event with their friends via Twitter or Facebook.

LeapFrog’s instant win online event will run alongside the launch of LeapPad Explorer at London’s iconic toy store, Hamleys. On the day of launch lucky shoppers at the store will also have the opportunity to win a LeapPad Explorer every hour.

Designed for pre-schoolers aged 4 years and up, LeapPad Explorer encompasses the next generation of learning, digital reading and personal creativity. The revolutionary device is just like an adult tablet, complete with a collection of innovative tools including a built in 2mega pixel camera and video recorder, which will feed children’s creativity and help develop key learning skills.

to enter the competition (open to the UK, US and Canada) :

Find out more about LeapFrog products at

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  1. Cant wait to see your review on this - really want to get one for my daughter but would be interested to read a review first - i think it looks great!


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