Tuesday 9 August 2011

Fish and Chips for Christmas?! - Sea Sparkle Jewellery

Fabulous jewellery designers, Sea Sparkle, are urging people to break with tradition this Christmas. Move away from the predictable and try fish and chips this festive season. Don’t panic they are not asking you to give up the turkey and trimmings, but just a move to a more unique present. Sea Sparkle have added many new “Fish” designs to their jewellery range, and this teamed with their sea glass collection using “Chips” of glass rounded and smoothed by the sea over many years, makes the perfect Christmas gift.

Having spent many an hour in my childhood on Hastings Beach beachcombing, as we used to call it, looking for pretty shells, pebbles with holes all the way through and beautiful, smooth nuggets of sea glass, I couldn't help but be enchanted by the collection. As they explain on the website : "Sea Sparkle are proud to offer our "Rubbish Jewellery" range. Created using genuine smooth, tactile sea glass found on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. Sea glass jewellery is THE most stylish way to reuse and recycle. What was once an old beer bottle on a pirate ship (yes some of the glass is really that old) or a broken vase tossed into the sea, becomes shaped and smoothed by the sea over many years, normally a minimum of 50yrs for a true "jewellery grade" piece of glass. They become the jewells of the sea and are sometimes called Mermaids Tears. We mix the sea glass with our handcrafted fine silver seashells. These shells are created from real seashells plucked from the shoreline, placed in a mould and then cast in fine silver, which is 99% pure silver. Each item is unique and finished with sterling silver clasps and the Sea Sparkle tag. All our items come in a presentation gift box. We have also started to make a range of sea glass home wear items such as our sea glass wreath, a stunning wall, wreath made of hand drilled sea glass. We are happy to accept bespoke orders, and can often use your own shells or sea glass to create personalised jewellery, maybe to remind you of a special holiday." Wow ! I can just imagine how impressed the girls would be if I gave them a gift and explained it was made of mermaid tears and a special shell they found on holiday. You couldn't get a more unique, special gift to cherish if you tried !

Harriet McAlonan, designer at Sea Sparkle, explains : “We recently ran a survey to see what people look for when choosing a gift, and were very interested to see that one of the main things people look for when buying a present for a loved one, is something that is unique”.

“Our range of jewellery offers many “one of a kind” designs as each piece of sea glass is unique, and our lovely fine silver fish and shell fish are cast from real crabs, prawns , shells and even octopus tentacles, they are not mass produced items.”

“We were also delighted to see that even in these difficult financial times, all of the people surveyed preferred to buy from small independent shops than from large high street stores, thanks to people such as Kirstie Allsopp, there seems to be a real trend towards handmade and small businesses, not to mention recycled items, which all fit our profile.”

In just over a year of trading, Sea Sparkle have grown an enviable reputation for quality desirable items and take pride in providing customer service that is second to none. The company have recently been commissioned to design an exclusive range of jewellery for a gallery in St Ives and are also expanding to other select galleries around the UK, as well as selling online at http://www.seasparkle.co.uk/ .

I know it's only August but if you're one of those people who like to start your Christmas shopping well in advance, this looks like a great place to start.

RRP :  prices start from £19

for more information : http://www.seasparkle.co.uk/

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  1. These look great. I'll be getting some for presents.

  2. This is some interesting jewellery!

  3. Lovely! I've just had a seaside holiday and these bring back happy memories!

  4. i love the colours in these pieces, i think water colours are def my faves, and they are gorgeous items :) x

  5. wow..what a great collection...
    love the design
    Those pieces of art that are absolutely stunning!

  6. These are great, really pretty would make wonderful gifts or just a great treat for myself

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. No other words for these gorgeous jewels!


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