Saturday 27 August 2011

Thanks Vosene for helping us to ease into Back to School time !

One of my favourite things about writing this blog is when companies send us a totally unexpected, mystery package through the post. I've already told you about Nature Valley totally spoiling me (here and here), and Fairy sending through an absolutely amazing Winnie the Pooh goodie pack and fabulous personalised wooden toybox (here). Well, the latest company to make us all jump up and down excitedly was Vosene. Earlier in the year, they invited me along to a brilliant mummy bloggers/ kids day out at London Zoo but unfortunately we couldn't make it, so this mysterious package certainly made up for the disappointment.

Especially when we opened it up and discovered the contents ! 

I love the box already, which is a fabulous storage box that will be used for tidying away all manner of things in the kids bedrooms, but inside, there was :

- a selection of five Vosene hair care products that I will be reviewing shortly
- a funky Space Hopper
- a "Let's Get Ready For School" book from Priddy Books
- a very handy "101 Speedy Suppers" recipe book
- a laundry pen
- some handwriting pens
- a Guess Who game
- some crayons
- stickers
- a pen pot
- 2 pencil cases (so no fighting between the girls - bonus !)
- a white board
- an alarm clock

There are as many fun things as functional ones so it's been a great way of getting the kids (not to mention me - as a teacher, I have to suddenly get back into the school routine too !) into the Back to School mindset gently !

This is actually the whole point, as it's marking Vosene Kid's new campaign for mums. As they explain : "Here at Vosene Families we believe the best way for Mums to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life is to share tips and ideas with each other. Our exciting new campaign is based around Mums sharing their secrets for keeping the family functioning, especially during challenging times like ‘back to school’. This is why we’d like to send you a very special box of goodies, designed to help make your life that little bit easier."

Make sure you head over to to share your tips and try your luck at winning a great prize not just for your children but for their whole class ! Pop over to too for the chance to win one of 250 mini-bottles per week.

Huge thanks to Vosene for the wonderful gift and I can't wait to get sharing tips with other mums.

for more information about Vosene Kids :

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