Monday 1 August 2011

Kenco New Look Jars - Same Coffee, Better For The Planet

 Just like thousands of women across the country, Kenco is proud to unveil its new slimmed down look just in time for the summer ! For the first time in over 20 years, the popular coffee brand has launched a striking new 100g and 200g jar for its Rich, Smooth and Decaffeinated varieties. (The Peruvian, Brazilian and Costa Rican varieties have already had a makeover.) Despite the smaller, slimmed down look, it still contains just as much coffee as the old style jars.

But it's not just trying to be fashionable. The new slender-shaped jar uses 7% less glass than the old-style jar which may not sound much but nevertheless represents a saving of 900 tonnes of glass every year. That's great news for the planet.

The new look jars, flaunting a sleek silhouette, bold colours, the Rainforest Alliance's Certified logo and an uplifting image of a bright horizon, reflect the positive effect of Kenco's continued commitment to sustainability.

On the inside, the coffee hasn't changed at all so you'll find the same great taste that generations of coffee-makers have adopted.

RRP : £2.98 for Rich and Smooth 100g jars, £3.29 for Decaffeinated 100g, £5.69 for Rich and Smooth 200g jars and £6.49 for Decaffeinated 200g

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  1. I only buy coffee that is from from sustainable sources, thanks for this review. I think all coffee makers should commit to this.


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