Saturday 13 August 2011

By Carla Supersoft Faux Fur Rug review


As soon as this wonderfully soft faux fur rug from By Carla arrived in the house, Sophie squealed and started hugging it and begging to be allowed to put it in her room ! There's the proof that the word "supersoft" in the description on the website isn't just a word used to sell it ! It really is lovely and snuggly.

We therefore placed it next to her bed so that her little tootsies would start the day off on soft, warm, snuggly faux fur rather than cold, hard parquet. It really looks the business and would go really well in any room of the house, not just baby's bedroom, despite being marketed as a nursery rug.

The rug measures 70 x 110cm, has a non-slip backing and is machine washable, which is great news for a white rug in a child's bedroom or nursery ! There are two designs to choose from :

Nougat (the one we received)

and Playtime.

My only criticism would be the lack of prices on the By Carla website. I was convinced the rugs would be horrendously expensive because they look so luxurious but they actually cost a very reasonable £24.99.

The rug comes beautifully presented, wrapped with a ribbon, so would make the perfect gift for a new baby, instead of buying yet another soft toy or baby clothes bundle. It would put the perfect finishing touch to a nursery, bedroom or living room.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £24.99

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  1. I need a rug for my little boys room and have been looking for a decent one everywhere, although I am not sure it would stay that colour!

  2. Wow, fantastic price! I have just bought a similar one from Dunelm Mill but it wasn't anywhere near that cheap. I just stick mine in the washing machine when it gets dirty and job done :-) xxx

  3. Yes, I remember I looked on their website a couple of months ago and could not find the prices. This was very frustrating!

  4. Looks gorgeous, not sure about it being white but as it's machine washable definitely tempting. @maisietoo

  5. looks cosy, can't beat a nice soft rug when you climb out of bed!

  6. Thanks for your share,there's a lot of classification of fur it depends upon your need,selection and budget.


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