Sunday 28 August 2011

Zoobles Mama & Zoobling review

Way back in the New Year, when they had only just been launched in the UK, we reviewed Zoobles (here) and predicted that they would be a huge hit. Well, we weren't wrong ! So when the opportunity came up on Blog-Match to be a Zoobles reviewer, the girls begged me to sign up and were over the moon when we were picked !

We received a Mama & Zoobling set which had the girls going "awwwwww" as soon as they saw the tiny baby Zooble that comes in the pack. There are over 300 different Zoobles available and we got Icetasia (#324) with Iceabella. She's a very cute Zooble with a teddy bear face, pretty lilac colour and snowflake motif that the girls instantly loved.

Zoobles are a bit like Bakugan in that you push their heads into their bodies so that they click into a ball, that you can roll around and play with. You then place them on their "Happitat" base and they instantly and magically (if you're a child !) spring to life and open up. I originally thought that this "spring open" mechanism would eventually stop working but the first Zoobles from January are still going strong so they're actually pretty robust.

What I love about the Mama & Zoobling set is that both mum and baby can be rolled into a ball separately, or you can push the Zoobling into mum's tummy. This makes it easy to keep the parts together (and out of the vacuum cleaner) when it's time to put them away but also adds different ways of playing with the toys.

The packaging suggests that they are suitable for age 4+, presumably because of small parts, but even 2 year old Pierre loves putting the rolled-up ball Zooble onto the Happitat and watching it spring to life, over and over and over again ! He does find it too fiddly to push it back into a ball himself (and I'm always concerned he'll pinch his fingers) but both 6 year old Juliette and 10 year old Sophie can do it with absolutely no effort.

They also love the whole collecting aspect, comparing with their friends who has which characters and asking for extra playsets to be added to their collection for Christmas and birthdays. I guessed that Spinmaster would have to constantly find new elements to add to the range to keep it popular and I think the Mama & Zoobling collection is a brilliant addition.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.99 single, £7.99 Special Edition and Hairdoobles, £9.99 Twobles and Light Up, Blossoming Garden Playset £19.99

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  1. Is really interesting to see what you thought of the Zoobles... as they are my current competition prize.. they look fab :) (@yummymumto2)


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