Monday 29 August 2011

Brits spend more on barbeques than summer holidays

As bank holidays are often spent firing up the bbq, I thought this article made interesting reading ! Don't miss the top tips for hosting the perfect (late) summer party. We haven't had much of a summer so who knows ? Maybe we'll get lucky and get a nice Indian summer instead !



Sociable Britons spend more on summer barbeques than their summer holidays

According to the latest findings from The Pimm’s® Summer Socialising Report, Britons are spending £724.02 hosting and attending barbeques during the summer season - far more than they would spend on a one week summer holiday abroad, which currently averages £543.5 per person.

Forget serving up a single measley singed sausage, British hosts are going all out to lay on barbeque spreads full of food fineries, spending an average of £141.67 on their guests for every barbeque. With three quarters (75%) of Britons surveyed hosting up to five barbeques during the course of the summer it’s not just our waist-lines that are bearing the brunt, this could be weighing heavy on the bank balance too.

The good news is Brits are happy to share the cost and when we’re not hosting lavish barbeques ourselves, we’ll happily shell out £96.39 for each summer get-together we attend over the course of the summer. Gracious guests individually fork out an average £22.68 for every summer party, readily bringing a selection of food, drink and even gifts for their hosts.

The findings are a testament to the great British attitude of remaining defiant against adversity, we won’t let these frugal times or the weather take the sizzle out of our summers.

Further findings from The Pimm’s Summer Socialising Report show:

1. The cost of summer BBQs isn’t enough to deter hardy Brits from their love of al fresco socialising – nearly half (48%) agreed the cost was well worth it, catching up with friends and having a good time is a top priority when attending summer get-togethers

2. One in five hosts believe guests shouldn’t have to bring anything to summer parties, preferring to foot the bill themselves

3. A third of hosts ask guests to bring along their own tableware, doilies and crockery

4. One in ten admit to asking guests to bring their own coals and even firelighters to a BBQ

Spokesperson from Pimm’s, Emma Sherwood-Smith, said: “There’s no question that summer socialising is a top priority for Brits, the fact we spend more on summer barbeques than going on holiday is further proof of this as is our resilience. We are already well-versed at huddling around rain-drenched barbeques and picnicing on windswept beaches, so the thought of spending a little extra is a cost we’re willing to pay to have fun with friends during the Great British summer. The Pimm’s Summer Party couldn’t agree more, and so they’ve devised five top tips to ensure summer parties across the land go off with a bang-er!”

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