Thursday 25 August 2011

Help Kids Keep Their Friendships This Summer With Zhu Zhu Pets

This summer has been a total whirlwind of rushing about - the month started with a fortnight in Turkey, then we headed straight off to Brittany for Pierre's christening then back on the ferry for a few days with Nanny and Grandad. The girls have loved seeing new places and catching up with their relatives but they've also missed seeing their friends back home.

Well, August is Friendship month and Zhu Zhu Pets have come up with a fun and practical way of helping the kids stay in touch with their friends, as well as win prizes into the bargain.

For the whole of August (sorry, I know there's not much of the month left but most of this month's blogging has actually been scheduled posts prepared well in advance ! Look at me being all organised !), children can visit, a new website from Character Options that allows kids to send cute and quirky e-cards to their friends and family.

Not only are these e-cards an easy and unique way of showing that they care, ZhuZhu Pets fans will also be entered into a prize draw for every card they send, with five lucky winners being chosen each day.

"It's important for children to keep in contact to keep friendships thriving" explained child development expert Dr Amanda Gummer in a recent report for "'As children mature, their peer relationships and close friendships become more influential in their lives. Like any relationships, these friendships need nurturing to flourish."

ZhuZhu Pets are the cute and crazy critters that have become best friends with millions of children across the world. Following a hugely successful launch, children can now expand their ZhuZhu collection with Puppies, Princesses and even Babies, creating one big Zhuniverse of fun.
If your child wants to send a card to their relatives or friends that they are missing and be in the chance of winning fantastic ZhuZhu prizes head to
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  1. Thanks for letting me know about this, it's great to hear about more child friendly websites :)

  2. my kids really want a zhu zhu pet :)


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