Tuesday 16 August 2011

Another fun game from innocent for you to play !

A little while ago, I shared (here) a highly addictive game from the lovely people at innocent (as in makers of fab smoothies, veg pots and fruit juice) with you and apologise in advance if you got ready to throw your computer out of the window due to the pesky squirrels !!

Well, they've done it again - they have now released their third game in the series, which you can see (and play) below right here on my blog, but if you click through to the innocent orange juice site, you can play all three games.

The third game is called Keep em’ Peeled and it's a fun game to test your memory and improve your concentration - as well as whiling away a dull moment at work !!

for more information and to play the other games : http://juice.innocentdrinks.co.uk/games/peeled

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