Tuesday 26 June 2012

Bratz Featherageous review

The Bratz girls are back in town with a brand new look and this time they've gone "featherageous" ! No, I didn't make that word up - it's the name of the new collection of Bratz dolls to hit the shops. The official blurb says : "Girls can become stylists with the new Bratz™ Featherageous dolls, by creating amazing new hairstyles with the magic hair tool and gorgeous feather accessories. They can design trendy hairstyles on the dolls’ smooth and streaked hair, using the cool decorative feathers and the easy to use styling loop. Girls can even wear the feather hair accessories in their own hair. Bratz Featherageous dolls are dressed in funky fashionable maxi dresses, with fabulous shoes, two faux feather hair accessories and clips. The dolls also come with a doll stand, ensuring that they stay in place while the mini stylist is at work."

As you can see from the picture, Juliette was absolutely ecstatic when we received one to review. We got the blond one with pink highlights, which I believe is Cloe (much as it pains me to write Chloe without an h !). She carefully unpacked all the little accessories and squealed over (I quote) her pretty dress and beautiful eyes and lovely stripey pink hair.

We found the stand to be a bit flimsy but, to be honest, Juliette never uses it because she just holds the doll whenever she's styling her hair. Speaking of which, she found the styling loop quite fiddly to use too and soon gave up, preferring to just use the clips and faux feather hair extensions instead.

The doll comes with a brush and Juliette spent absolutely ages brushing her luscious long locks, even saying she looked like Rapunzel ! The faux-feather extensions can be clipped in the Bratz doll's hair or your own hair, which Juliette did a few times, before putting them to one side and just playing with the doll and brush. If you bought the whole set of Featherageous Bratz dolls, you could mix and match the accessories to create new looks - or you may be able to buy extra accessory sets to funk things up a bit.

I always think Bratz dolls are more aimed at tweens interested in fashion than younger girls who are still into playing with dolls, but Juliette (aged 7) loved really playing with her, pretending she was a magician's assistant about to be sawn in half (see above !), then transforming the cardboard box into a bed for her and finally taking her to the park with us.

I have to admit, when I saw the name Featherageous, I was expecting big fluffy feathers or maybe a feather boa, but the faux-feather hair extensions just look pretty much like normal doll's hair extensions to me. That doesn't stop Juliette totally loving the doll though !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £19.99

For more information: www.facebook.com/BratzUK

Disclosure : We received a Bratz doll in order to write an honest review.


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  2. Im sure my daughter would love this, I prefer to buy her dolls that look a bit more human


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