Friday 29 June 2012

Check out the Madhouse Mini Fruit Olympics

Whenever those loveable loons at innocent get in touch with me, I always think to myself that it must be great fun working there and getting paid to come up with such madcap ideas ! This time, to celebrate being selected as the official juice and smoothie of the Olympics, they've come up with a fabulous blogger challenge to get the kids involved in the Games too. They sent us through this brilliant kit containing everything we needed to have our own fruity Olympics here at The Madhouse, including a kit to make some funky bunting, a lemon and spoon kit (for a fruity twist on the classic egg and spoon race) and some funky medal T-shirts.

First of all, Pierre and Juliette had great fun creating some fabulous red, white and blue bunting and decorating it with funky stickers. Pierre loved the dinosaur stickers and Juliette got creative with the crayons. I stuck the bunting up to mark out the "track".

Now, may the fun and games commence ! The kids excitedly discovered the contents of the Lemon & Spoon Kit and got into their starting positions.

Sophie and Juliette went head-to-head while Pierre took control of the whistle to give them some encouragement !

Oops, Juliette lost her lemon so Sophie seized the opportunity and won this heat. It was only the first of many though !

Everyone's a winner baby, that's the truth (to quote Hot Chocolate - am I showing my age again ?!) so all three contestants (yes, even Pierre, who didn't even have a spoon or a lemon !!) got to go on the podium with a medal ! Very proud they were too !

Now they were in the mood for more fruity Olympic fun so I told them to head to the fruit bowl and see what games they could come up with themselves.

Sophie decided to try the Shot Putt with an orange. With hindsight, maybe that should be named the Lot of Juice on the Floor Putt ! Or even better, we should have used an apricot and called it Apricot Putt !

Juliette got very serious trying to use a banana as a javelin ! Again, with a more copiously filled fruit bowl, we could have tried throwing a Jave-lime instead !

They thought about using a cucumber in place of an Olympic Torch, but decided it would be better as the baton in a relay race ! (Or should we have gone for a Cherry-lay race instead ?!)

The multi-tasking cucumber also provided us some alternatives for throwing the discus. In fact, it was such a success, I almost named this blogpost "How much fun can you have with a cucumber?" but I thought it might bring in the wrong crowd !

I'm not sure if this is Juliette's attempt to get Gurning down as an official Olympics sport or whether Pierre's cucumber-discus landed in her eye ! She's doing a very good impersonation of Benny Hill there though !

Forget the half-time oranges, when they got bored of playing with their food, the Madhouse Mini-Olympians just ate the cucumber !

We also thought up some more fabulous fruity-themed Olympic sports but sadly, we didn't have the necessary items in the fruit bowl (or, being a total spoilsport, I deemed it just too messy !). We came up with:

- Peach Volley
- Cauli-ball
-Watermelon Polo
- 100m Blackberry Stroke Swimming
- Slalom Kiwi-ing
- Apple Bob-sleighing
- Date-lifting
- Horseradish riding
- High Chive-ing
- Tossing the Caper (OK, that one's more Highland Games than Olympic Games !)
- Lime-bo Dancing (OK now we're more talking drunken parties than Olympic Games but never mind !)
- Lifting Plum-bells (get it ? dumbbells ?! )
- Mango Karting

 Innocent will soon be releasing a downloadable booklet that will give you loads of tips on holding your own mini fruit Olympics this summer, including a collection of the new fruity games, ideas on what to eat and drink and their top summer tunes, along with all the names of the bloggers that have got involved. (I'm not the only mad one - honest !!) I'll keep you posted and share it with you as soon as it's finished.

I will also have a fab giveaway coming up where you can win a month's supply of innocent's brand new kids' smoothie, cherries + strawberries. so watch this space !

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a Mini Fruit Olympics pack from innocent.

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  1. It looks like great fun was had by all :)

  2. Cheryl!! grrrrrrooooooaaaannnnnnnn!! lol
    looks like lots of fun was had, maybe some activities may have been better in the garden

  3. Innocent smoothies are always great for a treat. My fave is the mango and passion fruit one.

    1. I've just posted a giveaway to win a month's supply of the new kids' smoothie, cherries + strawberries - sounds yummy :)

  4. Looks like they enjoyed themselves. I love the banana javelin.

  5. Looks like you all had great fun. (Loveable loons :))

  6. Lovely photos, and fun actvities, especially on a boring rainy day when you can't go out (like today).

    1. awww it's actually sunny here at the moment, shame I'm at work (working hard, as you can tell !!)

  7. This is so much fun! Love all your alternative sports x

  8. Oh wow! This looks like such fun!! Love the bunting - your kiddies are very talented :)

  9. Wow it looks like they had great fun, looks more interesting to me than the actual Olympics!!


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