Thursday 14 June 2012

Weight Watchers Italian Red Grape & Pomegranate Cordial review

When I spotted the bottle of Italian Red Grape & Pomegranate Cordial in the latest Weight Watchers hamper (that I told you about here), I was really keen to give it a try. Pomegranate is a flavour that really reminds me of our holidays to Turkey where we first discovered pomegranate juice and pomegranate-flavoured drinks and the red grape and pomegranate blend sounded very different and appealing. 

I headed to the fridge for some chilled water and made myself a big glass to drink before heading off on the school run. I was slightly disappointed to discover that it didn't have the exotic, unusual taste I was expecting. In fact, it tasted just like any other "red squash" (summer fruits, apple and blackcurrant, red berries, ...) I've ever drunk. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, it's a perfectly refreshing, pleasant-tasting squash but I'd have sworn blind I was drinking the usual summer fruits cordial that we buy if I hadn't seen the label !

It has a lot of plus points to offer - it's low calorie with no added sugar so each serving will only cost you 5 calories and zero ProPoints. It is also suitable for vegetarians, coeliacs and vegans. It's a pleasant thirst-quenching drink which is ideal served with chilled water over ice for sipping on hot summer's days and it doesn't have the artificial background taste that some low-cal squashes have. My only criticism is that it didn't mentally transport me to exotic climes.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £1.69 for 1 litre

Disclosure : I have been given a year's membership to Weight Watchers Online and receive monthly hampers of products in return for honest reviews.

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  1. im not so sure i want to try this to be honest after thinking about it and reading the review i feel like the benefit is that it is weight watchers but the downside that maybe they just put a brand label on some things and charge extra prices

  2. This sounds nice and great at zero pro points. I think most diluting juice is zero points though anyway so agree with pinkcherry about the price x


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