Saturday 23 June 2012

There's method in my madness - err Madhouse !

I've reviewed many method products here on my blog and I'm always won over, partly for the eco-friendly aspect but above all for the gorgeous and often surprising fragrances. There is only one cleaning product I've ever pined for when it disappeared and that is method's limited edition cinnamon bark surface cleaner, which made me feel Christmassy and happy every time I cleaned the kitchen !

Well, this time I'm not here to tell you about the products but just to let you know that they've got a new "clean happy club" on their facebook page where you can earn points and win discount codes or even prizes for sharing and liking videos and messages.

To get an idea of the lovely, slightly crazy and very happy world of method, watch their new anthem below :

What's not to like ?! So now why not go over and like them at

More good news to share with you - you can currently try their Laundry Liquid for free. You can see all the details here :

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  1. never see this brand before. where to look for them?

    1. They're definitely in Sainsbury's but if you look on their website, I would think they're in the other big supermarkets too

  2. Thanks for the FB heads up - this looks like a great brand!

  3. will have to look out for the free trial promo packs looks great!


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