Wednesday 27 June 2012

Kids' app review : Moshi Monsters Moshlings

I'm sure you've heard of Moshi Monsters but have you heard of Moshlings ? Moshlings are itty-bitty pets that Moshi Monsters love collecting. There are loads of different species, all with their own kooky characteristics and they now have their own app. We were sent a code to review it.


The basic idea of the app is not highly original - it's a sticker app, similar to many others that we've reviewed - but that didn't stop the Madhouse Mini-testers from loving it. You use the 60 Moshlings templates and 100+ stickers to customise and come up with your own Moshling creations. You can change eyes, noses, mouths and ears but also add accessories such as glasses and hats. You can resize and rotate stickers to get your Moshling looking exactly the way you want. Then you can save your creation, or reset it and start all over again !

Moshi Monster fans will also love the fact that you get to learn lots of insider facts about the Moshlings and their different personalities, as well as Moshling secret codes that allow you to collect them on the Moshi Monsters website. 

I'm sure they'll eventually get bored but at the moment, the kids are all having fun designing new critters and working their way through the different sticker combinations on offer. Let's face it, for 69p, you can't go far wrong !

star rating : 4/5

RRP : 69p

Disclosure : We received a review code for the app.

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  1. Thanks for the review, my kids would this.

  2. My daughter's recently started getting into Moshi Monsters. I've downloaded loads of apps for her on my iPhone - Barbie, Hello Kitty, Angry Birds but didn't even think to check for this. Guess I better download it for her, she'll love this! :)


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