Sunday 3 June 2012

Sunday weigh-in - week #3

Yay, it's the traditional Sunday weigh-in and the numbers on the scales have finally moved ! More to the point, they've gone in the right direction, despite the Thorntons chocolates we received in the post, the Jubilee cakes we've been making (and - obviously - eating) and the two packs of Skittles that Sophie bought for me with her pocket money for Mother's Day (which is today in France) !

This week's positives :

1) The numbers have finally shifted off the 81 point something where they've been stuck for a while and now say 80.6kg. That's 800g lost this week - almost a whole kilo - and the biggest loss I've had in a while, as it's been 200g here and there lately. It's also the lowest I've been since starting back in October (at - eek - 91.4kg). Woohoo !

2) I've just been to check my BMI and I'm not obese any more ! I started off with a BMI of 34.2 back in October, last time I checked it was 30.49 and now it's 30. That is actually a hugely significant number because 30+ is obese and 25-30 is "just" overweight. Getting ever closer to the healthy range of 20-25. More woohoos !

3) I've made no conscious effort at all this week. I have surprised myself a few times by picking fruit over gooey cakes at the canteen, not finishing the kids' Happy Meals and playing catch and races with the kids at the park. It's that SlimPod effect again, even though I've totally failed and only listened to it a couple of times again this week instead of every day ! It seems to be working though ! Eating a bit of whatever I want means that this is definitely sustainable as a permanent lifestyle change.

4) I keep thinking my boobs look huge ! In fact, they haven't changed size at all (or, at least, they haven't got any bigger - they may have even got smaller as I lose weight). It's just that my stomach's visibly shrinking so they look bigger in comparison !

5) I've been pulling random summer clothes out of the wardrobe that were shoved to the back and they all fit now ! It's like getting a new wardrobe without spending a penny !!

6) I've achieved this week's target which was getting below 81kg ! Babysteps is definitely the way to go as it's such a buzz hitting a target, however small.

Aim for next week :
Oooh it's a big psychological one ! Try to get down below the 80kg mark. Only 600g to go until I'll see a number starting with a seven, which is something I haven't done since just after I had Juliette ! Also get my BMI to below 30 (another psychological one as it's the difference between obese and overweight) and I'm right on the cusp.

Don't forget to keep a check on 7hippopotamus's blog where she has a weightloss linky and an amazing 40lbs before 40 challenge which is great for a bit of motivation !

Disclosure : I've been provided with a month's trial of Jenny Craig, a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a year's WeightWatchers Online membership for free in return for reviews, all of which I've already done. Any further updates aren't sponsored posts in any shape or form - I'm just happy to update on my progress !


  1. Well done, Cheryl! That's the right way to do it, a bit at a time, giving your body a chance to adjust gradually. Drastic weight loss is never kind to anyone's body.

  2. Happy Mother's Day, I hope you've had a nice day. Well done on your weight loss and getting your BMI down to just overweight.

  3. Well done Cheryl.You give me inspiration to keep trying to get my weight down. It appears I've been feeding Teddy the Tapeworm for much too long now. I keep using the excuse the weather's bad for not getting all the exercise I need. I've done much better lately, but can't get Teddy off my back. Any suggestions for fighting cravings?

  4. Eww Teddy the Tapeworm !! Quite honestly, the best way of dealing with cravings is give in to them. If you want chocolate, have just a square or two. If you have a small amount as soon as you want some, it won't build into that irrepressible craving that will end up with you eating a whole family-sized bar. I think the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod goes a long way to dealing with them though, so I can't take all the credit !

  5. Well done you, that's a good loss considering the goodies you had!


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