Monday 18 June 2012

Capricorn Goats Cheese Blogger Challenge recipe #1 : Carrot & Capricorn Goats Cheese Muffins

Those fa -beeeeeeh- lous (sorry, I've been talking to @Ethelthegoat too much on twitter !) people at Capricorn Goats Cheese recently invited me to take part in a blogger cookery challenge (woohoo I always love those ! Did you see the ones I joined in with for Heinz Barbecue Sauce, Heinz Salad Cream with Onion & Chives and Provamel Botanical Yogurts too ?). They sent through this fabulous selection of goodies to help me find some inspiration so I'll be blogging several recipes using the cheese (which has a lovely smooth, creamy taste, even if you just eat it as it is). 

Here is the first recipe that we tried and tested at The Madhouse. 

Carrot and Capricorn Goats Cheese Muffins

 Ingredients : 

2 carrots, grated 
3 eggs, beaten 
a pinch each of cumin, salt and pepper 
180g marscapone 
4 tbsp olive oil 
150g self raising flour 
70g grated cheddar 
200g Capricorn Goats Cheese, roughly chopped 

Method : 

1. Preheat the oven to 150°C/gas mark 5. Grease 24 muffin tins. 

2. Beat the eggs, add the salt, pepper and cumin. (I used Bart Bristol Blend Five Peppercorns, that we discovered when making Barts Jubilee Sponge recipe.) Mix in the marscapone and olive oil. 

3. Gradually beat in the flour until smooth, then mix in the grated carrot and grated cheddar. 

4. Delicately mix in the Capricorn Goats Cheese. 

5. Place a heaped tablespoon full of mixture in each muffin tin. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes. 

I was surprised to see that everyone, even the kids, loved them. In fact, they asked to have them for tea, so I served them, still warm from the oven, with some leftover grated carrot, some apple wedges, cherry tomatoes, baby gherkins and cucumber. 

Watch this space for more Madhouse Family tried and tested recipes using Capricorn Goats Cheese. I wonder what Ethel will think of my muffins !!

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  1. Nom nom, love the sound of these muffins. Fab idea!

  2. I love goats cheese, but I'd never thought to use it in baking, it only ever gets as far as "biscuit & my mouth" normally!

    1. Oooh keep your eyes open, I'll be adding more goat's cheese recipes - I already did a really simple Goats Cheese & Mediterranean Veg Filo Flowers that are delicious :)


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