Sunday 17 June 2012

Sunday weigh-in week #5

Well, I feel like I'm on swings and roundabouts at the moment because I seem to be constantlly bouncing around the same weight, but this week I can announce a loss, albeit a small one. I lost 400g, which is almost a pound, so I'm back to 80.9kg. Back into the 80's, which is a big motivational boost, but I still can't wait to get down to something starting with a 7. Surely it can't be that far away now ?!

Ooh I've just realised I've done that SlimPod thing again - I keep coming out with statements that I suddenly realise are things I hear on the SlimPod . Last week was "anything more than nothing is something" and this time it's "it's not a case of whether you'll get there, just how long it will take, because you WILL get there" ! Maybe that explains why I'm still feeling upbeat - or maybe that's because the end of term is looming and I got myself a new haircut yesterday.

I also won myself a £25 Debenhams voucher by taking part in the Weight Watchers twitter party  so I'll be enjoying buying myself something new to wear too - I wonder what size I'll need !

This week's positives :

1. The scales are my friend this week - and I've moved down into the next kg :)

2. I didn't bother with ProPoint tracking this week - you could even say I took a week off dieting altogether because I just ate whatever was thrown at me. In some ways, it was a catastrophic week foodwise, between the chips and the total lack of fruit and vegetables for a couple of days at the school canteen, plus Madhouse Daddy Mike's birthday cake and some sweets kindly given to me by the kids that I "had to" eat. (No, really, even when I'm dieting, I can't refuse sweets or cakes given to me or made by the kids because it seems mean. They just have to get worked into the food plan !) The fact that I could do all that and still lose weight shows that I'm on track with the portion sizes and compensating unhealthy treats with low-cal meals. :)

3. I found another tight stretchy top that I couldn't fit into before (well, I could - I just couldn't breathe or lift my arms !) and now it fits like a glove :)

Target for next week : Same as the last couple of weeks - to get down to something starting with a 7 ! But anything lower than this week's would be great too.

Fingers crossed for 7hippopotamus this week - anyone else want to join in on the weight loss buddies link up on her blog ?

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  1. Well done you! It can be hard to stay upbeat when you don't loose as much as you would like to but it will happen. Good luck this week

  2. 400g down in when you "took a week off dieting altogether" and ate chips and sweets etc etc is pretty good going! Well done.

  3. Well done Cheryl, I'm so glad you've had some weight loss and yes you're right you will get there!
    Well done on your twitter win too. I'd like to say my weigh in has been good, but sadly it's not. I'll be blogging mine very soon.
    And yes agreed, we'd love any other bloggers to join in our weekly weigh in.

    1. awww hugs, don't give up or feel bad, onwards and upwards (or downwards, if we're talking weight !!)

  4. Carol Masterton18 June 2012 at 04:44

    Well done! I think half the battle is adjusting your attitudes to food and not just calorie counting (though being honest it's the only thing that has ever worked for me). Keep going, you're doing well! :)


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