Thursday 21 June 2012

Osmo The Berber Oil Collection review

I always love trying out new hair care brands that I've never heard of, especially when they contain unusual or exotic-sounding ingredients. The Berber Oil Collection, labelled as Luxury Argan Oil Infused Hair Care, already ticked all the right boxes. Having visited a Berber village when we went to Tunisia a few years ago, just the name was enough to make me think of sun-baked beaches, orange blossom-scented breezes and camels wandering along the beach. All made even better by the fact that we'll be going back to Tunisia at the end of next month - bliss !

 I received the 'Little Luxuries" selection of products from the Berber Oil range, which are perfect travelling and taking on holiday, especially as they are small enough to be acceptable in hand luggage. I received a shampoo, mask and hair oil to put through their paces.

First up was the Berber Oil Shampoo, which is labelled as a rejuvenating cleanser with Argan Oil. It is designed to infuse the hair with essential moisture and hydration, adding shine and radiance. It also contains a unique blend of oils combined with Panthenol to help strengthen and repair hair. Well, I have to say I was impressed. It foams up nicely but seems mild and gentle on hair, leaving it tangle free and silky soft. I love the deep orange colour but I was a bit disappointed that it didn't have a richer, more exotic fragrance - I was thinking orange blossom, cinnamon and olives, but it doesn't smell of anything much.

I followed on with the Berber Oil Mask, in place of my usual conditioner. There are actually several ways to use this. The instructions say : "After shampooing, apply mask from root to tip. Leave for 1 minute for a daily condition or for 4-5 minutes for a weekly treatment. Alternatively, before shampooing, dampen hair and work mask through in sections. Rinse well and follow with Rejuvenating Shampoo." I washed my hair then left the mask on while I shaved my legs and rinsed it out. While still wet, my hair felt squeaky clean when I squeezed out the extra water (I can never remember if that is a good thing or not when it squeaks !). When it dried, my hair looked and felt glossy and sleek. The mask promises to replenish elasticity and bounce, and I did get that "just out of the salon" look that I had had trouble recreating since getting my hair cut on Saturday. It is described as "a  luxuriously indulgent, intensely nourishing, restoration therapy to help restore hair to its full glory" and I have to say, it keeps its promises.

The final product - Berber Oil - was slightly perplexing as I wasn't sure how to use it without making my hair look greasy. When I poured some into my hand, it actually reminded me of Bio-Oil ! The website says : "For a style that is healthy, nourished and glossy. Smooth onto dry hair for sleek, shiny results or distribute evenly through damp hair and dry as normal for enhanced body and movement." Osmo describe it as hair rehab and promise it will restore hair to pristine condition, nourishing hair to help replenish and strengthen it for noticeable results. I was a bit concerned my hair would look greasy so I put it on my wet hair in the evening, so that I could rewash it in the morning if necessary. I made the remark to Madhouse Daddy Mike that I could tell I'd had my hair cut because it dried really quickly, but I noticed afterwards that the formula is rich in Vitamin E and was specially created to reduce drying time. It also contains UV filters for protection against sun damage and heat styling, so I think this will be coming to Tunisia with us next month. My hair didn't feel greasy either - just in great condition and really glossy.

I was really impressed with the whole range, which also includes a Berber Oil Light Radiance Spray. I had never heard of Osmo but they have a lot of other ranges, including Blinding Shine, Deep Moisture and Stylist Choice, which all sound worthy of investigation too.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £9.95 for 75ml shampoo, 75ml mask and 10ml oil

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a Berber Oil Collection pack in order to write an honest review.

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