Sunday 10 June 2012


In just a moment, I'll be posting my review of Domestos, after putting several of their products through their paces. Before that though, I wanted to share this tongue-in-cheek look at the state of the nation's toilets and findings that a clean toilet protects your family …but also your reputation and your love life!



Nancy Dell’Olio and Domestos Total Toilet System reveal a clean toilet protects your family
…but also your reputation and your love life!

17 million women (86%) wouldn’t date a man with a dirty toilet. This is just one of countless shock findings from Domestos which today reveals the toilet habits from across the UK. From potty politics to reputation wreckers, the research delves deep into customs and curiosities, and opens the door into the home’s most intriguing and guarded room. Key findings from the research include: 

 Nearly 10 million women would say no to a dinner party if they knew the host’s toilet was unclean

·  A quarter of women admit they would, at a dinner party, remember a dirty toilet more than the food, ambience or jokes  

· We’re a nation of toilexters as 16% of people admit to texting or emailing when on the throne
· 8% of women agree their cleaning efforts in the bathroom are unfairly criticised by their partner

· 54% of women judge a friend on the state of their toilet 

·  Of a list of 18 celebrities, it was agreed that Pete Doherty would have the worst toilet etiquette, followed surprisingly closely by Jedward

· 48% of women claim their partner never miss the bowl - with the other 52% admitting they clean up after their husband or boyfriend at least once a week
Happily, Domestos Total Toilet system knows the power of a clean toilet - and a clean reputation - which is why it is setting out to potty train the nation with the help of Nancy Dell’Olio, the authority on etiquette in or out of the bathroom. With etiquette tips from Nancy, and support from the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), The Modern Domestic Goddess Guide to Bathroom Etiquette will ensure your reputation is as sparkling as your bathroom. After all, Domestos Total Toilet System kills germs, every time, everywhere by working together to clean and protect your toilet.
Professor Richard Parish, Chief Executive for the RSPH says: “An unclean toilet or bathroom can have repercussions when it comes to the health of you and your family. The Toilet Etiquette Guide is a light hearted manual whilst simultaneously emphasising the importance of keeping your toilet clean.”
Nancy Dell’Olio says “The proof is in the privy - scandalous toilets mean scurrilous gossip. I’m here to help the Brits get off their backside when it comes to toilet terrors - with my etiquette experience we can rest assured reputations will shine, just like your bathroom!”

Figures based on female population (19,736,516) 

Regional variations on findings 

· The East Midlands are the most accepting of a dirty toilet, with 28% of women still having a 2nd date with a man if he has a dirty toilet (vs. 14% average) - the West Midlands are the least accepting (7%)

· Northern Ireland has the highest number of men who miss the bowl - the highest number by almost double at 75%!

·  The West Midlands are also the most likely to judge someone by the state of their toilets - so beware!

· Those from East Anglia are a picky bunch - being the most likely to decline a dinner party invitation if they think the toilet will be unclean

·  The Welsh are the most common toilexters, with 18% sending a text when on the throne - that’s double the national average!


For more details or to download the etiquette guide visit

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  1. I have to ask...if 86% of women wouldn't date a man with a dirty would women know what the state of a man's toilet is before she agreed to date him?
    I've clearly missed a vital step in 'dating' :-)

    1. maybe they date him until they go to his house....and then never again...??

  2. Im the same, like to check a toilet in a place I plan on eating before I order...grubby toilets = grubby kitchens = no order from me


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