Monday 25 June 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club review #6 : London Children's Map

Sophie loved discovering last month's Ravensburger Puzzle Club puzzle of the month called I Love London, because it featured some of the iconic sights and monuments of the capital, even including an informative fact sheet to tell you about them. Well, this month's offering - the 100 XXL piece London Children's Map - has a similar theme and got an equally warm reception.

Sophie told me she didn't want my help thank you, she wanted to make this one all by herself (!), and started off by finding all the edge bits. This was actually very simple because the map coordinates instantly show you which piece goes where. This is a great way of getting younger kids to practise their basic numbers and letters without even realising it too !

Filling in the inside of the puzzle is a bit more complicated but is also great fun, as well as educational, because you have to match up the monuments you find on the pieces with the picture on the lid to find their location. Sophie started with the river Thames ("oh, it looks like the start of Eastenders" !!) then looked out for places she'd heard of (and that she longs to visit) such as the London Eye and Tower Bridge. It took a while to find them all but Sophie loved every minute and said that it was like doing a treasure hunt.

When you've finished, you can again continue your learning experience by looking up all the things of interest to spot on the puzzle on the enclosed information sheet. What with the Jubilee and the Olympics, Sophie is besotted with anything related to London so she has declared that this is her favourite all-time puzzle. (Until the next one arrives !!)

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £7.99

Disclosure : We were selected to be part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club so we receive a free puzzle once a month to review for the Ravensburger Puzzle Club blog.

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  1. interesting! good way for kids to learn about london.


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