Saturday 30 June 2012

Lucozade Revive review

I'm always very dubious of energy drinks. As I don't drink tea or coffee, I always think my body won't know what to do with all that caffeine, especially as, in the past, I had problems with high blood pressure. I also find that they usually don't taste very nice.

Nevertheless, when Lucozade offered to send through a bottle of Revive, I was keen to see what I would think. Lucozade is a brand I trust and who seem to have a good knowedge of what your body needs. Whenever I was poorly as a child, my mum would head off to the shops and come back with a bottle of Lucozade glucose drink (with the knobbly orange bottle !). When they started adding new products to the range, they introduced isotonic drinks targetting sporty types so, again, they seem to be healthy and good for you. I wasn't sure how an energy drink would fit in with their current branding.

However, Lucozade Revive isn't like other energy drinks. First of all, it comes in a big 380ml screw-top bottle rather than the “shot” bottles encouraging you to down it in one go, so you can sip at it and let it do its thing gently and progressively. It contains 50 calories, which may sound a lot if you're used to drinking diet sodas, but it has 75% less sugars than regular energy drinks (which is a bit scary when you see that it contains 10.6g of sugars all the same).

Flavourwise, I was pleasantly surprised. The label describes it as a “lemongrass and ginger flavoured lightly sparkling vitamin drink with sugars and sweeteners”. The flavour is citrussy with a delicate ginger beer flavour that comes through afterwards. It's really refreshing, especially if you drink it straight from the fridge or served over ice.

Nutrients-wise, the bottle explains : “When it comes to vitamins, the Bs are hard to beat. B3 fights tiredness, B5, B6 and B12 help with everyday energy release. They're what you'll find in every 50 calorie bottle of Lucozade Revive. Refreshment with a little more zing.” As well as the fatigue-busting vitamins, it contains caffeine that is naturally sourced from coffee beans – it doesn't say how much caffeine but it is a long way down the list of ingredients, if that is anything to go by.

I drank a bottle mid-afternoon when I was feeling tired and sleepy with my eyelids getting heavier and heavier. If I hadn't had the kids to look after, I'd have happily curled up and had a nap. I didn't feel any immediate energy boost or go flying round the room on a caffeine-high, but, about 20 minutes later, I suddenly realised that I wasn't feeling sleepy any more. I wasn't feeling amazingly energetic or hyper, I was just back to feeling normal instead of sluggish which is perfect.

If you're driving long distances or in the middle of exams, this will give you a more subtle energy boost than caffeine pills or intense energy drinks. It's such a pleasant taste and not too heavy on calories that I will definitely be using it as a mid afternoon pick-me-up when I need one. It's the ideal energy drink for people who don't like energy drinks !

Star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.99 for a case of 4

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a bottle of Revive in order to  share my experience on Twitter using the hashtag #witnessmyrevival

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  1. Thanks for the review. It'd be good during illness too, like the original Lucozade.

  2. Woooo Cheryl! You don't drink tea or coffee! I am impressed! I don't drink much tea but coffee - weel let's just say I top 7 mugs a day!!!! I have tried to give up - even during my pregnancies - but no, I love it too much! I can also drink it just before bed and still sleep so I think my body has become immune to caffine lol!

    Your review sounds great! I haven't drunk Lucozade for years. When I was little my mum only bought it for us when we were ill - so I got it into my head that it was a 'medicine' and not a drink!

    When you said it contained ginger I must admit I felt a little put off. Although I like ginger cake, ginger biscuits etc, I have never liked the idea of drinking a ginger flavoured drink - but then you said it tastes citrusy - now I would probably enjoy it because I love fanta orange, Lemon and 7up etc - not so much coke though! I think I might try it as an alternative toone of those for when we are out an about on picnics this Summer! Thank you Cheryl!

    1. It comes in other flavours too - cranberry and orange I think - which don't have ginger in them, as far as I know.

  3. Its good that it contains less sugar

  4. I like the sound of this drink, and like you my mum always used to get us Lucozade when we were poorly, in fact about four months ago I was really ill with a virus and stuck in bed and when my mum and dad came to visit they bought with them a good old trusty bottle of Lucozade!!

  5. I got some of this for my son. Loves Lucozade especially for his sports, but I'm put off them because of the high sugar content. Well, I got him this and as it still had the brand name but fewer calories he was happy.

  6. Sounds yum - hate the taste of normal energy drinks but may give this a whirl :)

  7. i was sent some samples of this, we liked the cranberry flavour

  8. I liked the review as I also never drink energy drinks.... But hey, never say never!


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