Sunday 13 September 2015

Ardens Sweet & Savoury Treats review

According to their Facebook page, at Arden’s, their aim is to make life more delicious. Having sampled the two products that they sent through for us to try out from their range, I can safely say that they've certainly achieved that !

We started with a sweet treat - their Petites Florentine Clusters, described as "dainty round clusters of crunchy hazelnut and almonds, dipped in dark, milk and white chocolate". Each biscuit provides 44 calories and a 125g box sells for £2.59.

They're beautifully crunchy and chewy with a lovely sweet nutty flavour, then the chocolate hit comes through at the end, perfectly complementing the nuttiness. They're the perfect size for nibbling with a cup of tea or coffee (or even a sweet wine) at the end of a meal or for elevenses (maybe not the wine then !). Madhouse Daddy loves florentines so we usually get a box from the French in-laws at Christmastime and these were the first ones that I've tried without candied peel. I must admit, I would have liked a slightly sharp, tart topnote of citrus to take them to another level but they were still very nice and the whole box disappeared within minutes !

Ardens don't just do sweet treats though - they also have a rather nice line of savoury goodies that are just as delicious. We received a box of Cream Cheese & Spring Onion Melts which got an equally enthusiastic reception. There aren't that many in a box though so they didn't last any longer than the Florentines ! (RRP £1.49 for 70g).

They're so light and melt-in-the-mouth that it's like biting into a little cloud ! The slightly dry, crumbly outer shell is filled with a delicately flavoured cream cheese and spring onion filling. The box suggests munching them with fruit, devouring them at wine time or chilling with a beer, for fun with friends ... or just straight out of the box. That was we did - the kids couldn't get them in their faces fast enough ! They are a more sophisticated, delicately flavoured and totally moreish alternative to crisps at a buffet, picnic or as nibbles with a drink.

I love the fact that Ardens have gone out of their way to provide tantalising treats inspired from all over Europe. Florentines apparently originated in France (I always assumed it was Italy !) and the Cream Cheese & Spring Onion Melts were inspired by a product bought in a Dutch bakery. They make a lovely change to the usual snacks and nibbles.

star rating : 4.5/5

for more information :

(Also keep an eye on their Facebook page as they seem to be rather partial to a nice giveaway or two !)

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. Great review, both sweet and savoury, look and sound equally delicious.

  2. The Florentine clusters look divine!


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