Tuesday 29 September 2015

Boo ! Aldi Specialbuys Halloween range review

I blame it on the PR people with all their "Christmas in July" events but whatever the reason, lots and lots of people seem to be talking about Christmas already ! OK, to be fair, it's only 86 days away - panic stations ! - but there's another fun celebration on the calendar before then ... Halloween ! If you like to be organised well in advance, you'll be pleased to know that Aldi's Specialbuys Halloween range will be hitting the shops this Thursday (1st October).

They sent us through a selection of the products from the range and they're all great fun. These boppers and glasses really appealed to all three of the Madhouse kids.

They're ideal if you have any Halloween parties coming up or you want a simpler (and cleaner !) alternative to face paints for trick-or-treating.

The item that gave us the biggest laugh though was this dancing skeleton, who looks a bit like a cross between Rod Stewart and Monster High ! If you press on the button between her feet, it blares out incredibly loud music which always makes the unsuspecting person holding it jump out of their skin and almost throw it across the room ! Perfect for Halloween frights !

 The Dracula doorbell is equally loud and will also make trick or treaters jump out of their skins if you ask them to push it to claim their booty ! With its flashing red eyes, loud doorbell sound and booming Dracula voice asking if you are scared, it will delight Halloween fans of all ages !

I absolutely love this Jack-o-lantern shaped ceramic plate which has a gorgeous vibrant orange colour and a reassuringly chunky feel. It will look great for displaying Halloween cupcakes or maybe all our trick-or-treating loot.

I also love the look of the big inflatable characters which would look great in the front porch to welcome trick or treaters !

We all love Halloween here at The Madhouse so I think we'll have to pop down to Aldi to stock up on some more bits and pieces ! The complete range is as follows :

Halloween Inflatable Characters £12.99
Dancing Skeleton £7.99
Halloween Serving Dishes £6.99
Musical Door Knockers/Bells £6.99
Children's Dressing Up Set £3.99
Children’s Halloween Pyjamas £3.99
Halloween Battery Operated Lights £3.99
Halloween Berry Lights £3.99
Halloween DVDs £3.99
Halloween Drinkware £2.99
Girl's Halloween Tutu Set £1.99
Children’s Halloween Boppers £1.79
Led Tealight Holders £1.79
Trick Or Treat Tins £1.79
Pumpkin Carving Kit £1.49
Children's Halloween Tights £1.29
Assorted Partyware £0.89
Halloween Gel Stickers £0.89
Halloween Spiders Web £0.89

The range will be available while stocks last from Thursday 1st October. 

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. Love Aldi, they always have a great range instore

    1. Great prices too - shame some of the stuff disappears from the shelves so quickly though !

  2. I saw these in the catalogue last week and thought that will be me there for opening time then on Thursday! I really want the serving dishes.

    1. The pumpkin one is great - really good quality. I'll be looking out to see what else they have :)

  3. Love the ceramic dish, it will be very handy as a great prop for all Halloween posts

    1. Haha great bloggers think alike - that's exactly what I thought !!

  4. These are some spook-errific goodies. I've got to go and start shopping for my family Halloween party. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Some great costumes and love the inflatables

  6. Some great costumes and love the inflatables

  7. great items and good value as always

  8. Aldi is amazing place for bargains


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