Friday 11 September 2015

So what did the Madhouse pooches think of the August Pawsomebox ?! (review)

Everyone's heard of beauty boxes and foodie boxes, but how about Pawsomeboxes and Purrfectboxes, a monthly subscription box packed with 5-6 premium treats, snacks, toys and accessories for your four-legged friends? Right back at the start of the year, I reviewed the January Pawsomebox, so when they asked if we'd like another box full of poochtastic products to review, I was intrigued to see what would be in the latest box.

Well, here's the answer ! The August box contains a great combination of doggie treats, toys and functional products.

Sanal Chicken Sushi - These chicken flavoured treats were a huge hit, provoking lots of bright shiny eyes and wagging tails, so they obviously taste great. They are designed to be healthy too, with no sugar and a low fat content.

Ham bone - I was expecting something artificial looking when I opened the packaging so it was a nice surprise to see a proper ham bone with lots of juicy meat for the Madhouse dogs to gnaw on. I knew this would get a lot of excited waggy tails because both Vicky and Didou love chewing up the bones from the Sunday roast. At first, they fought over it, but it was big enough that there was still some left for Doggy 2 once Doggy 1 had finished with it - phew !

Biogance clean ears solution - This includes soothing natural ingredients such as menthol and rosemary extract, to help your dog to keep fresh ears and smell great at the same time. By using this twice a week, you can ensure that your dog will feel pampered and renewed, and that their little ears will stay happy! Well, we gave it a go but the dogs really weren't keen. As they are a mum and son team, they still clean each other thoroughly - every day, mum Vicky licks son Didou all over, including his eyes, inside his ears, on his back ... and then he reciprocates. It's very cute and probably means that we don't really need this product. It does smell very nice though so if you have a pongy pooch, it could help !

Duvo rubber dog toy - I think the kids had as much fun with this as the dogs, if not more, because when you shake it, it makes a funny noise ! It's resistant but is also quite hard so be careful if it gets thrown around inside !

Duvo+ animal toy - another dog toy, this time in the shape of a cute cow. Great for chewing, throwing around the room or playing catch with the kids.

Pet ID tube by Camon - A compact and resistant metal tube that you can use to store a piece of paper with your dog's name and your contact details, just in case your intrepid pooch gets lost and can't find his way home ! I think most dog-owners already have one of these or something similar. One advantage over the engraved options are that you can easily update your phone nmber, should it change.

As I've mentioned before, the Madhouse dogs are totally uninterested in dog toys - they just look at them, then at you, as if to say "come on, really ?!" We therefore passed them on to the Madhouse grandparents' dogs, Dieser and Brodie, and they were much more enthusiastic. The only tough part was deciding which one to start with !

The cow won !

Dieser happily brought it over to show off, wagging her tail !

Brodie wasn't left out though. "Looks like I'm getting the giggle ball then !"

 A monthly subscription costs £19.90, six-monthly works out at £17.90 per month and yearly is the equivalent of £15.90 per month, including delivery. If you love to pamper your pet pooch and you like receiving surprises through the post, this is a great scheme to sign up to.

Disclosure : We received a box in order to write an honest review.

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